With Mother’s Day around the corner, we are flooded with content surrounding mothers- from being a rock in their child’s life to the glue of the family, mothers are truly magical. However, one thing that has irked us is the sacrificial nature of mothers highlighted and glorified in these narratives, allowing rather pushing, young women to internalise this. However, with women at the helm of the professional world, we think we need a more renewed understanding of mothers, our primary guides. Today we have found 3 Instagram creators who are the perfect picture of the unconventional mothers, we need in our lives right now! 

Celebrating 3 unconventional mothers of Instagram

The Motherhood Sacrifice 

More often than not, we as a society put the burden of raising a child on a mother while expecting her to let go of her desires, passions and professions. What is worse is these stories are romanticised, cementing, that the only way to love your child is to lose yourself.

Unconventional mothers breaking the cycle of motherhood sacrifices


With the changing of the social structure, the idea of self has strengthened for a woman. While playing the multiple roles of a daughter, sister, friend, wife mother, etc, she does not let her identity take a backseat. So today we are here to celebrate the multifaceted role a mother plays while keeping herself intact through the work of 3 content creators, who prioritised themselves and have shifted the narratives of mothers and motherhood. 

Seema Anand

Seema Anand is a storyteller, mythologist, author and content creator, who champions the power of narrative in various spheres, including entertainment, therapy, education, and social change. Her specialisation in women’s narratives, along with her groundbreaking work on sex education and sexual health, makes her a trailblazer who brought these taboo subjects into mainstream discourse. By challenging societal norms and using storytelling as a tool for empowerment, Seema is the unconventional mother figure we need today. One who fosters conversations that may be uncomfortable but are essential for holistic personal development and societal progress.

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Granda Droniak

Grandma Droniak, also known as Lillian Droniak, defies age stereotypes with her vibrant presence on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. At 93, she’s not just a popular content creator but a living example of embracing life to the fullest. From sharing her dating experiences and advice to setting rules for her own funeral with humour, Grandma Droniak exudes the freedom of choice, every mother and every woman should exercise. Her candid advice on relationships and self-care resonates with audiences of all ages, making her a modern icon of living fearlessly and authentically. As an unconventional mother figure, Grandma Droniak reminds us to cherish every moment, embrace our individuality, and approach life with laughter.

Ashu Jain

Ashu Jain, known as ‘Not Just A Grandma‘ on Instagram, epitomises the transformative power of prioritising health and fitness at any age. Inspired by a desire to reclaim her vitality, Ashu Jain started her fitness journey at 54, defying societal expectations of what a mother and grandmother should look like and be capable of. Through her dedication to regular exercise, from challenging walks to weight training sessions, she not only transformed her own physique but became an inspiration to millions on social media. As a mother figure, Ashu Jain demonstrates the importance of self-care and shows that it’s never too late to invest in one’s well-being.

While every mother deserves to be celebrated, it is also time we look at motherhood from a different lens. These 3 women are the perfect way to learn and unlearn new ideas of motherhood. This Mother’s Day let us help our mothers put themselves first, instead of their children, their family and society and we think there could be nothing more precious than this.