From launching an exclusive Pride set of hashtags to brand new stickers, Instagram has come up with a lot of ways to stand in solidarity with Pride. The recent initiative to highlight Pride-related hashtag used in the gaming community such as #gaymer is an ingenious move! As per Instagram’s @Creators, “Within the gaming world, the term ‘gaymer’ is used by folks who self-identify as LGBTQIA+ and also love video games.”

The first #gaymer that Instagram introduced is Fiona Piccoli, familiarly known as Fiona Nova. She’s a content creator, production coordinator, streamer, and cosplayer. She is the creative maker of G4TV, director and showrunner of Laundromat Off Malibu, director of Dead Little Roosters, and voice-over artist in Red vs Blue: Zero and Wild Card Series. On Instagram, she has 150K followers and 128.6K followers on Twitter.

The second one is Yume a.k.a ‘yumewarlock’, who’s Bi Asian and is fascinated with Asgard. She considers herself as a “Celestial Geek Weeb” andGaming Industry Nerd”. She’s a pro at cosplaying and dressing up. Also, she supports #Blacklivesmatter #StopAsianHate. In total, she has 10.5K followers on Instagram.

Blizzard Bearson The 3rd a.k.a ‘blizzb3ar’ is the third #gaymer. He’s on Twitch, does charity streams for LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC communities, and is visibly Bi. Also, he’s associated with Neat Dude and Sidequest. He has 12.2K followers on Twitter and over 2K followers on Instagram.

Finally, the last one is Mintea or ‘Minteaprince’, who’s a cosplayer, makeup artist, and pole dancer. The “magical boy” has a fanbase of 92.4K followers on Instagram.

These are the four #gaymer members that are putting effort into creating an inclusive gaming community. Quoting a statement from Instagram’s @Creators, “Social media has shifted the demographics for gamers with more under-represented communities owning consoles democratizing the landscape and culture.“