We at Social Nation believe that knowledge, talent and happiness only grow when shared. Keeping our belief in mind we started SOCIAL NATION CAMPUS (SNC). Social Nation Campus is a platform that empowers the youth to discover their talents and evolve by interacting with the best in digital business, after all superstars come no more “only from big screen.
As part of its program Social Nation Campus also conducts college fests and open house sessions and discussions with prestigious content creators in the country thereby giving everyone the opportunity to learn and grow.


On 17th June, 2021 as part of our Campus Program we hosted an Instagram Live session with renowned RJ and Actor RJ Raghav (@rjraghav). The event was an Inspirational Talk Show in collaboration with Lovely Professional University (LPU).

The event was held live from the Instagram accounts of LPU and RJ Raghav respectively. 
Over 57,000 people viewed the live video!

Raghav is a radio jockey who works at Radio City, Kanpur. He got his fame after the ‘Akashvali’ on FM Channel. Furthermore the hilarious content which he has been creating on Instagram via reels has only added to the fame apart from making him a household name.

After a few technical glitches (thanks to monsoon and bad Internet) the session kick started with an amusing entry from Raghav, who entered playing a Gurdas Maan song. With exchange of greetings and warm laughs the session soon dove into experiences of Raghav’s life and his learnings from them. Let’s have a look:

Start of Instagram journey

Raghav said that his Instagram journey began quite casually. He simply wrote something humorous, shot a video and put it up. He also mentioned that in one of his videos he enjoyed drawing sumos in puddles. Raghav also mentioned that before 2018 he was a news geek and he only started Instagram for fun.

Complexity, Carefulness and Efforts involved

Raghav believes in enjoying the moment and making it look natural. He says that whenever complexities arrive he eats a papaya implying that the situation is not always that bad and there’s always a way out of it. He further mentioned that the best way to put in efforts is to pick up a pen and write and work for the audience one has, be it 10 followers or 10k, numbers don’t matter but the work does.

Dream Collabs and Admirations

Raghav has been an admirer of cult actors, Manoj Bajpayee and Pankaj Tripathi lie on the top of his wish list. He admires Irrfan Khan’s legacy and believes that there’s a lot we can learn from his work. In the digital field, Raghav picked Prajakta Koli (MostlySane) and said he has admired her efforts and it is her hardworking spirit that has put Prajakta where she is now. In addition to that he even mentioned that he is good friends with Viraj Ghelani and loves how chill he is as a person apart from being a star in the content field.

Mantra of Life and Message to the Youth

Raghav follows a simple motto “Jeeyo aur jeene do” (Live and let live) which is also what he suggests everyone to do. He even said that people should be patient and in case of tough situations they should consult their friends as they provide a different perspective. But in doing that one should make note of their “good friends” and stick with them. As a final parting note Raghav said that “Jab bhi koi nayi cheez aati hai wo do cheez laati hai, Sawaal aur bawaal.” (Whenever something new arrives, it brings along with it two things, doubt and opportunity). It is for people to decide which side they are on.

We thank Raghav for sharing his experience with us and the world. If you too are in love with the digital culture and wish to call us to your campus then. CLICK HERE.
In case you missed the live session, don’t worry we got you covered! Watch the full Instagram Live session by clicking HERE.