A ‘roast‘ is a popular genre in comedy involving satirical and humourous insults directed at a specific individual, who has gained significant traction over the past few years. But we’re all aware of India’s history with comedy roasts (read: AIB Knockout). Let’s say it hasn’t been the most well-received…

Initially met with mixed reactions due to the country’s diverse cultural sensitivities and varying thresholds for humour, roasts are now increasingly being embraced by younger audiences for their bold and unfiltered content. YouTube and social media platforms have played a crucial role in popularizing this format, allowing comedians to push boundaries while navigating the fine line between humour and offence.

Aashish Solanki, winner of Comicstaan Season 3, recently launched the Pretty Good Roast Show on his YouTube channel. The show features celebrities, influential personalities and comedians in a roast format, delivering sharp and humorous critiques. 

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The Format

Aashish has created a series of episodes under the Pretty Good Roast Show. Each episode has a guest who will be roasted by the panellists. There are 4 roasters in each episode who are joined by Aashish as well. They take the stage one-by-one as they roast the main guest and get roasted in return. The limits to which you can joke on someone are mutually agreed upon by both parties. The Pretty Good Roast Show was actually LIVE-taped and is now released on YouTube.

The Guests

The main guests included popular figures like comedians Akash Gupta, Anubhav Singh Bassi, actor Huma Qureshi, creator-actor Kusha Kapila, and YouTuber Gaurav Taneja a.k.a. Flying Beast, amongst others. The show’s fifth episode had a mystery guest who was later revealed to be Ashneer Grover. The 6th episode featured widely loved comedian Harsh Gujral. This episode has been trending in YouTube India’s Top 10 ever since it dropped on June 2!

The Trending Episode 6

While every episode of the Pretty Good Roast Show is actually pretty good, this particular one is a devilishly fun watch. The guests included Swati Sachdeva, Haseeb Khan, Daahab Chisti, and Kaustubh Agarwal. Harsh Gujral was being his ‘chichora‘ self as he very gracefully took everyone’s roasts on him and gave it back in return.

They did not spare him one bit – from his stage habits to his personality to his sex life, the roasters had a field time roasting him. And he was no less. From Haseeb’s colour and Swati’s sexual orientation to Kaustubh’s weight and Daahab’s health. Although, super gracious. Harsh went after them all guns blazing. He hugged and high-fived every artist there and took every joke with a laugh.

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We still can’t stop rolling on the floor laughing at all those hilarious jibes! Aashish needs to drop the rest of the episodes immediately! Have you watched them yet? Head over to his YouTube and binge the Pretty Good Roast Show now!