The arrest of YouTuber Elvish Yadav in connection with a probe into the alleged use of snake venom as a recreational drug at parties has sparked significant attention. Recent revelations have shed light on Elvish’s confession regarding his involvement in arranging snakes and snake venom at rave parties, despite his earlier denial. Let’s delve deeper into the details of the case.

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Elvish Yadav arrested in snake venom case


Elvish Yadav’s Confession

During police interrogation, Elvish Yadav confessed to his role in supplying snake venom at parties. Despite initially denying any involvement, he admitted to arranging snakes and snake venom at rave parties organised by him. This confession came as a significant development in the ongoing investigation.

Knowledge of Other Accused

In addition to confessing his own involvement, Elvish Yadav also acknowledged knowing the other accused individuals including singer Fazilpuria, who were accused of supplying snake venom. This revelation further implicates Elvish Yadav’s involvement in the case and strengthens the evidence against him.

Arrest and Judicial Custody

Following his confession, Noida Police promptly arrested Elvish Yadav. He has been sent to 14-day judicial custody as authorities continue their investigation into the alleged use of snake venom as a recreational drug. This arrest marks a crucial step in holding those responsible for such illicit activities accountable.

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Previous Arrests and Charges

Elvish Yadav and five others were booked under various sections of the Wildlife (Protection) Act and the Indian Penal Code last November. They were accused of providing snake venom at a party in Noida’s Sector 51. The arrest came after an animal welfare activist reported the incident to the police, leading to a thorough investigation.

Background and Fame

Elvish Yadav, known for his YouTube content and singing, gained further fame after winning the Bigg Boss OTT 2 reality show hosted by Salman Khan in 2023. However, his involvement in this controversial case has cast a shadow over his career and reputation.

The case surrounding Elvish Yadav’s alleged involvement in supplying snake venom at parties underscores the seriousness of wildlife protection laws and public safety concerns. His confession and subsequent arrest highlight the ongoing efforts by authorities to combat illicit activities involving endangered species and prohibited substances, even if they involve notable personalities. As the investigation continues, the outcome of this case will undoubtedly have significant implications for Elvish Yadav and others involved.