Today is International Day of Happiness and what better way to celebrate than by delving into the world of laughter and joy with the effervescent Srishti Garg? An Instagram sensation and comedy creator extraordinaire, Srishti has captured the hearts of millions with her infectious humour and relatable content. With a knack for turning the mundane into the hilarious, she has carved a niche for herself in the digital realm, leaving behind a trail of smiles and laughter wherever she goes. In this exclusive interview, we peel back the layers of wit and hilarity to uncover the secrets behind Srishti’s comedic genius and explore the joys of spreading happiness one reel at a time.

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International Day of Happiness with Srishti Garg

SN: As a comedy creator, how does it feel to be the reason why someone smiles?

Srishti: I have been an avid user of the internet ever since I was an adolescent so I have grown up with the internet but very rarely did any YouTuber back then make me feel nice about myself. They were funny and cool and relatable but I didn’t feel happy in my heart. Even when I started creating content, my comedy reels performed well but they always left me thinking about how people felt after watching them and I think that inspired me to create more wholesome, happy reels that at least leave people with a smile because I wanted that badly growing up.

SN: What was the primary motivation for picking comedy as your niche?

Srishti: It wasn’t a choice to pick or to not pick because it comes hereditary to me. My parents are hilarious and every day is a comedy roast in my house. I have always been that funny friend in the group, so I just expressed myself like that on the internet and it became a niche.

SN: What is that one thing that inspires you to create comedy content?

Srishti: Someone long back texted me that their mom was going through depression and she wasn’t really in a good state but they made her see my reels and she laughed after so long and that made me so teary yet joyful because it’s so powerful how I, sitting here, making videos can bring a smile to a stranger, miles away without knowing them. This pushes me even more to keep at it because somewhere someone might need this too.

SN: What are the 3 things that can instantly make you happy?

Srishti: My mom, my dog and sunsets.

SN: Do you think social media is also one of the prime reasons for the higher rate of unhappiness in the younger generation?

Srishti:  It’s subjective. If you choose to filter the content you consume and go through stuff that makes you happy instead of comparing your lives and success to everyone else, then social media will make you happy and introduce you to new ideas, new people, and new types of cool content.

Celebrating International Day of Happiness With Srishti Garg


SN: How do you beat this constant anxiety caused by social media? What does your downtime look like?

Srishti: I haven’t mastered it but the gym, running, watching movies, and spending time with my friends and family helps. I love dancing in my room alone and I love gossiping with my mom so all of it distracts me from constantly checking my insights.

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SN: Who is your all-time favourite Bollywood comedy actor and your favourite comedy creator?

Srishti: Main apni favourite hu, and also thodi self-obsessed bhi so I would say me and I would soon be in Bollywood so manifesting myself as my favourite Bollywood comedy actor too.

SN: Can you share one of the most hilarious reels that made you ROFL in recent times?

Srishti: Everything from Ceefaaali’s feed cos HEY MAN!

SN: What does a day full of happiness look like for Srishti?

Srishti: If I’m in Mumbai then, writing cool scripts, getting ready to shoot them, eating malai kofta, watching a 2000s romcom, going to the gym and then a rikshaw ride till Mannat and back home. In Jodhpur, it’s watching a sunrise with my mom on a walk, spending a day with my entire family, eating the yummiest pulav my mom makes and playing with my dog

SN: It is often said that comedy is one of the most difficult genres because it is tough to make people laugh. Do you believe that and why? 

Srishti: I think it’s difficult to take the criticism because in comedy you never know who laughs at what. I sometimes laugh at just videos of bread drooping so it’s always a trial and error but you have to constantly learn to cope with failure, learn, strategise again and test it out until you fail again. Being authentic to yourself, your observations and your humour is what saves you from falling apart.

As we bid adieu to this fun and heartwarming conversation with Srishti Garg, one thing becomes abundantly clear: laughter truly is the best medicine, and Srishti is the pharmacist we all need. With her boundless creativity, unwavering authenticity, and infectious zest for life, she reminds us that happiness isn’t just a destination—it’s a journey best shared with loved ones.