Aligning ourselves with the theme of # today, we decided to voyage through Youtuber Dushyant Kukreja’s YT shorts which are no less than a laughter riot. Amassing 11 plus million subscribers on Youtube, Dushyant Kukreja has been quite consistent when it comes to content creation, publishing a new video daily.

Apart from pursuing comic shorts and long-form videos, Dushyant has been into vlogging on a regular basis. From re-creating cliche moments on a mundane day to highlighting situations that normalize the tricks in a comical way, the Youtuber has been winning hearts through his content.

Since snackable content gains traction and is consumed on the go, Dushyant has been banking more on Youtube Shorts with topics that transcends age, gender and class. His content sparks an universal appeal and Youtube videos reap more than 10 million views as viewers relate to them.

Dushyant Kukreja

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Here is a compilation of a few Dushyant Kukreja’s Youtube shorts who ensure to transport you in a world of utmost guffaws.