You can now transform your house into a paradise with the assistance of some of the top home decor influencers who give their advice on how to design a beautiful, cozy, and fashionable home.

Many of us go on the adventure of finding a house and making it our own “home” throughout our lifetimes. This trip is full of unforgettable experiences, from selecting the ideal home to adding your own touches to it because the home decor is more than just functional furniture and basic home essentials.

A simple room can be transformed into a welcoming getaway thanks to all of this artistic technique. Home decor influencers have dominated Instagram since the rise of social media, exhibiting their creativity and motivating their followers with their original and striking home décor concepts.

Here are some of the top home decor influencers that you should follow for inspiration:

My Home Vibes

Myhomevibes by Kruti is an interior home stylist who has been making waves in the world of home decor!

Myhomevibes’ attention to detail is one of the qualities that make her unique. She smoothly incorporates essential finishing touches into her designs since she is aware of how important they can be in that space.

She has established herself as a go-to expert for anyone wishing to spruce up their house because of her focus on creating beautiful and useful settings. She is skilled at adding finishing touches to a room, from accent pieces like walls and striking lighting fixtures to the ideal throw cushion or vase.

The versatility of Myhomevibes in terms of working with any style or budget is another advantage as she can design a room that matches the desired aesthetic, whether it be homey, rustic, or minimalist and futuristic in a budget-friendly way.

She doesn’t simply concentrate on how a room should look; she also thinks about how it will be used and how it might improve your quality of life, along with designing gorgeous environments, she also develops ones that are useful and practical.

In conclusion, Myhomevibes is definitely worth a follow if you’re looking for ideas and guidance for designing a home that is both fashionable and livable.

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Design Decor Travel

DesignDecorTravel by Navneet is a home decor blogger who has gained a large following for her DIY projects and design ideas!

Her social media platform is full of ideas and inventive ways to design your home without going over budget. Her distinctive approach to home décor is one of the factors contributing to DesignDecorTravel’s popularity as every room she creates has a different vibe thanks to the way she infuses her passion for travel into it.

In addition, she has a keen eye for design and blends many materials and styles to produce visually attractive spaces. You may design a room that is attractive, practical, and inviting by utilizing these home decor suggestions.

Her DIY projects are accessible to everyone because she frequently incorporates inexpensive materials and reused stuff. Even if you are not a DIYer, you can still make lovely home decor things with her tips because they are simple to follow.

Moreover, don’t forget to visit her store,, as well as check out her YouTube channel, Design.Decor.Travel.!

In conclusion, DesignDecorTravel is definitely worth a follow if you’re looking for motivation and ideas to design your home as she stands out in the field of both DIY and home design decor.


Rohina is a true home decor queen cause she has turned several houses into gorgeous and beautiful environments thanks to her exquisite taste!

CEO of AA Living, a company that sells everything from rugs to bedding. Her love for design and passion is helping her to make homes feel cozy and welcoming and similarly has also helped her earn a loyal following on social media.

When it comes to combining different design approaches to get a distinctive and cohesive aesthetic, Rohina is incredibly talented. She makes everything come together beautifully, whether she’s blending bright patterns with delicate textures or modern furniture with antique touches.

Regarding home decor, she frequently uses vintage objects because she has a particular spot for them and she is skilled at reviving ancient items from antique rugs to chairs, and making them shine in contemporary homes.

Her dedication to making a place feel like a home distinguishes her from others as she is aware that no matter how beautiful a place is, it won’t matter if it doesn’t seem welcoming and pleasant. Her designs consistently place a high priority on making the place livable and stunning.

Whether you’re a seasoned home decor enthusiast or just starting out, Rohina’s designs are sure to inspire you!

Anyone can design a place that is attractive, practical, and welcoming by utilizing the home décor advice from the influencers mentioned above. These are the endless ways to make your house uniquely yours through the power of decor, regardless of whether you like a minimalistic or maximalist style.

So are you ready to turn your house into a home? Check out their profiles to discover more ways to make your home truly yours!