In the world of cricket, there’s one event that stands head and shoulders above the rest, an occasion that sets hearts pounding, pulses racing, and millions of spectators glued to their screens – the India-Pakistan cricket match. It’s not just a game; it’s a spectacle, a cultural phenomenon, and an unparalleled show of passion, rivalry, and camaraderie, all wrapped up in a cricketing extravaganza. If the ongoing World Cup is a celebration, then today’s India-Pakistan match is the DJ mashup where the entire crowd joins the party. Our content creators and social media also does not stay behind, as they express our emotions before and during the match.

Creators and Social media for India-Pakistan Match


The buzzing social media 

Social media has gone ablaze since India-Pakistan match day came closer. Memes, reels, good luck tweets, you name it and it exists. While meme pages are on a blast, cricket fans on both sides of the fence have been cheering for their home team.

Many Indian celebrities also took their social media to show their support. While Tiger Shroff, Arjun Kapoor, Varun Dhawan, Athiya Shetty, Suneil Shetty and others are rooting for India. Actress Anushka Sharma flew to Ahmedabad to support her husband and the team during the crucial India-Pakistan match.

Creators and their take on India-Pakistan 

Creators never stay behind when it comes to trends and when it is something as big as India-Pakistan, they surely bring their own interesting take to it. Presenting some of our favourite creator videos in the spirit of India-Pakistan match.

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Comedy content creator Sukriti created a fun reel on how every Indian feels during an India-Pakistan match. The excitement of the match gets our heart beat racing and Sukriti very skilfully depicts these emotions. Portraying different parts of her body, Sukriti showed how each of them feels during this eventful match. Full marks to her creativity for depicting our emotions.

Viraj Ghelani

Viraj Ghelani in his trademark comedy style released a video on behalf of all cricket fans for non cricket fans and to say the least, we have shared this video with more people that we can remember. Rightfully holding the mad craze of an India-Pakistan match, he has asked everybody to not disturb during the match hours, even if the world is collapsing. We feel you, Viraj. Everything else today can surely wait. 

Amol Kamble

After Singham, if there’s another cop who has consistently won our hearts is Amol Kamble. Riding the wave of social media fame, Mr Kamble has been a viral sensation for his brilliant dance moves. This time he brings those dance moves to an energetic beat that is dedicated to Team India. Encouraging people to pray for the country’s win, this dance is really the coolest of the lot.

Saransh Goila

The culinary expert who is known for churning out the most delishaas recipes, has one for the India-Pakistan match too. An interesting take at the match, Saransh Goila celebrates the teams with special from both the countries. While there’s Amritsari Chole playing on behalf of India, Roghani Naan gives a tough competition from Pakistan’s end. All we want now is to eat these delicacies while enjoying the match. 

After showing its merit with its bowlers, India now kickstarts the batting journey with a strong start by Rohit Sharma and Shubman Gill. Whether you’re watching at the stadium, in your living room, or in a crowded sports bar, one thing’s for sure – you won’t forget the experience, and you’ll eagerly await the next installment of this incredible rivalry.