Content creation, acting, producing, directing – Dolly Singh is a master of all trades! She has given us some stellar Instagram short series in the past like ‘Covid Love Story’ and showcased her acting prowess in “Thank You For Coming”. Her creations and performances have been both, binge-worthy and entertaining. Just when we were really missing and craving good, wholesome content from our beloved creators, Dolly came through with her “Best Worst Date” series!

Dolly Singh content creator actor executive producer 6-episode short Instagram series Best Worst Date St. Ives Kunal Bhan Tanushree Das

The Series

Showcasing more of her trademark wit and charm, Dolly Singh’s latest venture “Best Worst Date” is a humorous take into the unpredictable world of dating. The creator/actor’s knack for storytelling and her ability to engage her audience is on full display, already making the series an instant hit. The initial episodes feature an unexpectedly delightful blind date that ends with a surprising twist, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats.

The series features Dolly Singh as Palak, Kunal Bhan as Manav, and Tanushree Das as Kavya. Dolly dons the hat of Executive Producer along with being the creator, script-writer and lead of the show. Directed by Anurag Baruah, the “Best Worst Date” series is produced by Smritim Dutta and Kunal Bhan. It was also quite interesting to see the brand integration of their ‘Smooth Skin Partner’, St. Ives India‘s product range into the episodes. The cast, acting, styling, production – everything works really well!

This 6-episode series ends with a cliffhanger that not only has everyone talking but has also set social media abuzz with anticipation for the next season. Everyone wants to know what happens next! The short series is receiving so much love and appreciation, Dolly’s comments are filled with messages like “Simple subtle to the point yet so touchy n magical. ❤️”, “This is the type of series we want 🙌🙌 And these are the actors we want ❤“, and many more.

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Let’s take you through those cute 6 episodes:

Episode 01: The Blind Date

The first episode begins with Dolly a.k.a Palak ready for her first blind date. She spots a guy wearing a suit in the restaurant and assumes him to be her date “Nikhil“. The two skip the fancy restaurant for a roadside chai and vada pav meal. They spend some hours just chatting about films and their interests. Palak then calls up her bestie Kavya (played by Tanushree) to tell her about the “best date” she just had. But in a twist of events, Kavya mentions that the actual “Nikhil” had cancelled last minute, leaving both confused about this mystery man Palak met.

Episode 02: The Meet-(not so) Cute

This episode starts with Kavya and Palak getting ready for the day while dissecting Palak’s “blind “Best Worst Date” with the mystery man who we now know wasn’t “Nikhil.” Also, here comes the smart brand integration of St. Ives. While Palak is bummed, Kavya cheers her by saying the real “Nikhil” will turn up at her birthday party where Palak can finally meet him. Fast forward to a month later, the besties run into the mystery man at the same roadside chai tapri.

Episode 03: Yes or No?!

Kavya runs to ask this mystery man if he recognised Palak. His sister (played by Richa Nanda) pops in but Kavya distracts her while Palak questions him on why he lied. The guy revealed his name to be “Manav Mehra“. He explains himself and apologises. Not as convinced Palak turns to leave when Manav asks her out on a date. Will she say a “yes” or a “no?”

Episode 04: Is This A Rom-Com!

What starts as a “meeting” turns into a series of cute and romantic dates where Palak and Manav get to know each other better. At the end of the fourth episode, Palak admits that she likes him to Kavya.

Episode 05: Sorry, What Did He Do?

Kavya tells Palak to bring Manav to her birthday party for the BFF Test. There, he seems to impress both besties with his humour until Kavya’s friend shows up. He knew Manav and asked him why he left his ex Riya’s wedding early on 12th April which also happened to be Palak and Manav’s first blind date. Another lie leaves Palak confused and upset.

Episode 06

Palak feels like she’s Manav’s rebound. She questions him about why he lied and he explains himself while revealing that he doesn’t want to lose what they have. Both lovebirds admit that they like each other but Palak is unable to decide how to trust him. Just then, someone knocks on the door. He turns out to be the real “Nikhil”, leaving both Palak and Manav stunned. What should Palak do now?T

This 6-episode short Insta series kept the audiences hooked to every episode, ending with that cliffhanger. But how adorable and wholesome is this series?! We already can’t wait for the next season to drop where the real “Nikhil” shows up! Way to go Dolly! Please keep giving us more such binge-worthy content. How did you find the “Best Worst Date” series? Let us know in the comments below.