Diljit Dosanjh, globally acclaimed singer and actor, has always been a powerhouse of talent. Known for delivering hit after hit in the music and film industry, Diljit Dosanjh has now cemented his place in our hearts as our favourite Instagram creator. His feed is a treasure trove of entertainment and laughter, showcasing his multifaceted personality. Whether he’s cooking up a storm in his kitchen, sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses from his concerts, or sharing snippets from his day-to-day life, Diljit’s Instagram is a delightful mix of fun and creativity.

We are obsessed with Diljit Dosanjh and his Instagram feed


Orlando Adventures

Recently, Diljit Dosanjh shared a fun mini-vlog from his visit to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. In the video, he indulged in various games and shared his humorous take on the thrilling roller coaster rides. Known for his witty commentary, Diljit had his fans in splits as he joked about the “dangerous” rides and helped a teammate secure his turban for the adventure. 

Diljit’s playful humming of Chahat Fateh Ali Khan‘s trending song “Bado Badi” added to the hilarity. The video, filled with laughter and excitement, quickly went viral, and we are eagerly awaiting more in his adventures series.

Wholesome Collaboration with Photographer Sutej Pannu

Diljit’s recent collaboration with photographer Sutej Pannu added a wholesome layer to his engaging content. Sutej Pannu, renowned for his beautiful portraits of elderly people, persuaded Diljit Dosanjh for a photoshoot. Initially, Diljit humorously suggested waiting 40 years until he was elderly himself, but Sutej convinced him by calling him an “old soul.” 

The resulting photo shoot was heartwarming, with Diljit appreciating the beautiful images and sharing his thoughts on happiness. The video of their interaction, filled with warmth and positivity, was a hit among fans, highlighting Diljit’s down-to-earth nature and his connection with people.

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Culinary Adventures

Starting from the lockdown, Diljit’s Instagram took an unexpected turn as he began sharing cooking videos. With no one to cook for him, he turned to YouTube to learn and started sharing his culinary experiments online. 

His cooking videos, filled with enthusiasm and humour, became an instant hit. Fans loved watching him navigate the kitchen, turning simple cooking sessions into entertaining shows. These videos brought him offers for cooking shows and spice commercials, but Diljit chose to keep his focus on music and acting, despite the overwhelming popularity of his culinary content. However, we are satisfied with seeing whip out recipes on Instagram.

Concert Snippets and BTS Fun

Beyond his cooking and collaborative videos, Diljit’s Instagram is peppered with snippets from his concerts and behind-the-scenes (BTS) footage. These posts give us a glimpse into his life as a performer, showcasing the energy and passion he brings to the stage. Whether it’s a candid moment during rehearsals or a sneak peek of a new music video, these snippets keep us engaged and excited. His BTS videos, filled with laughter and camaraderie, offer a personal look at the hard work and fun that go into his performances.

Diljit Dosanjh’s Instagram is more than just a social media feed; it’s a window into the life of a multi-talented star who knows how to keep his audience entertained. From his hilarious vlogs and heartwarming collaborations to his unexpected cooking videos and vibrant concert snippets, he is surely a beloved figure on and off the screen.