In a surprising turn of events, the internet has broken yet another land speed record, leaving users in a state of awe and mild exhaustion. The fast-paced world of the internet, known for its lightning-fast information exchange and viral sensations, has once again raised the bar, demanding a raise and a well-deserved nap. Confused! Wait, we are delirious from collecting all the information about the latest viral sensation, Challengers. Challengers dropped its first trailer yesterday and within hours, was ruling every social media platform. Join us as make some predictions and state some facts about the upcoming film, Challengers.

The Cast and Crew of Challengers

Going by the initial look of the film, Challengers brings together two extremely loved worlds together- the world of sports and the world of films. Challengers staring Zendaya, who plays the role of Tashi is a tennis superstar, who at the opening of the trailer is at the highest point of her career, slamming one victory after the other. Zendaya not just in the movie but in real life too is at the pinnacle of her career, after recently winning the Best Actress title at Emmy for her role in Euphoria

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Additionally, West Side Story fame Mike Faist is portraying the character of Art, who eventually becomes Tashi’s spouse in the film. Crown fame Josh O’Connor will also be seen in the film, playing the role of Patrick, who is Art’s best friend and Tashi’s ex-boyfriend.

The trailer of Challengers is a hotcake on the Internet


Directed by Luca Guadagnino and written by Justin Kuritzkes, the film has all the big names attached to it, including both the cast and the crew.

The plot line

Going by what we have seen in the trailer, Challengers is a sports film packed with drama and has elements of a romantic comedy. For the convenience of understanding, let us divide the film into two parts- the young Tashi era and the older Tashi era.

While the young Tashi era is supposedly going to be a light-hearted rom-com navigating through teenage love, especially a love triangle. The jam-packed drama will start in the older Tashi era. After facing an injury on the field, Tashi moves away from the game and returns years later as a coach to her husband. Art is at a low point in his career and has been facing more defeats than he would like. 

Challengers trailer is all over the Internet


As Tashi tries to revive her husband, they face Patrick, turning the course of events into emotionally charged situations. We don’t know what happens but we for sure know that it is going to be amazing!

When is Challengers releasing?

Challengers is scheduled for a theatrical release on 15th September, 2023. However, since it is under the banner of MGM Studios which is now owned by Amazon, the movie might be released on the OTT platform soon after its release. 

Challengers is a overnight viral sensation on the Internet


There are speculations as to the film premiering at the Venice Film Festival where Juca Gucadagnino’s last two films, Suspiria and Bones & All, had their world premiers. 

The Viral Sensation

Within hours of its release, Challengers created a buzz on the internet. The poster scene where Tashi is seen making out with Art and Patrick is doing rounds on the internet. While fans cannot wait to see the trio weave magic, Spiderman fans have taken it above and beyond with hilarious memes flooding social media platforms. While there are plenty of memes, the underlying theme is Tom aka Spiderman drowning in sorrow seeing the love of his life with other men. Some of these memes are too hilarious for it not to be shared. Please indulge yourselves.

While it is difficult to give the final verdict on the films, the first trailer definitely has stirred up quite a lot of attention.

If you haven’t watched the trailer, do it now!