BB Ki Vines is a popular Indian YouTube channel created by Bhuvan Bam. Bhuvan is a comedian, singer, songwriter, Content Creator and a YouTuber known for his humorous and relatable content. He gained immense popularity through his character “Bhuvan” and his unique style of storytelling which shines through his content on various platforms. Today, as BB Ki Vines completes glorious 8 years, we thought why not trace 8 characters we absolutely adore and explore the reasons why these characters are inherently funny and feel like our own. 

8 Characters from BB Ki Vines we loved in last 8 years


What is BB Ki Vines?

BB Ki Vines primarily features short comedy sketches and monologues performed by Bhuvan Bam himself, portraying various characters. The sketches revolve around everyday situations, relationships, and humorous observations on society. Bhuvan’s ability to switch between different characters while maintaining his comic timing has been appreciated by a large audience and is the backbone of his success.

Over the last eight years, BB Ki Vines has been recognized with several awards and accolades for its entertaining content and Bhuvan Bam’s contribution to the Indian YouTube community. To date, Bhuvan is known for posting content consistently and not letting his stardom come in the way of his work and discipline.

8 characters from BB KI Vines that we love

At the heart of this comedic universe are eight unforgettable characters who have won the hearts of millions of viewers. From the lovable and clueless Babloo Ji to the flamboyant and charismatic Mr. Hola, each character brings a unique flavour to the sketches. Bhuvan Bam’s impeccable acting skills and knack for storytelling have breathed life into these characters, making them household names. Presenting eight characters from BB Ki Vines that will be etched in our hearts forever.

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Bhuvan Bam, the creator of BB Ki Vines, plays the central character in most of the sketches. He is known for his quick wit, impeccable comic timing, and ability to portray various characters flawlessly. Bhuvan often draws inspiration from real-life situations and people to create relatable and humorous content. His engaging storytelling style is definitely the star of the show.

Titu Mama

Titu Mama is one of the most beloved characters in BB Ki Vines, portrayed by Bhuvan Bam. Titu Mama is a fictional character who is Bhuvan’s maternal uncle and is famous for his hilarious and exaggerated advice. He often finds himself giving unconventional and comical solutions to everyday problems, which never fail to entertain the audience. Some of these ideas are so hilarious we wouldn’t mind following them only for laughs.


Banchoddas is another popular character in BB Ki Vines, played by Bhuvan Bam. Known for his unique hairstyle and quirky mannerisms, Banchoddas often lands in goofed-up situations that end up becoming hilarious for the audience. He is often seen as a naive and gullible character, which leads to funny and unexpected outcomes.

Fameer Fuddi

Sameer Fuddi is a character portrayed by Bhuvan Bam, known for his flirtatious and charming personality. Sameer Fuddi’s attempts to impress girls, his catchy one-liners, and his bizarre dialogues have made him a personal favourite of ours and many others. His over-the-top mannerisms and hilarious interactions with other characters add a lot of fun to the sketches.

Babloo Ji

Babloo Ji is a character portrayed by Bhuvan Bam, who is often depicted as a clueless and innocent person. His childlike innocence and naive reactions to various situations provide a great deal of comic relief in the sketches. Babloo Ji’s presence adds a touch of innocence and simplicity to the BB Ki Vines universe.

BB Ki Vines owes its 8 years success to these 8 characters



Bancho is a fictional character and Bhuvan’s friend who appears in the sketches. Although Bancho doesn’t have much dialogue, his expressions and reactions are enough to make the audience laugh. Bancho is often seen as a loyal and somewhat lost companion to Bhuvan, contributing to the overall funny dynamics of the sketches.

Mr. Hola

Mr. Hola is a character played by Bhuvan Bam, known for his exaggerated Spanish accent and flamboyant personality. Mr. Hola’s unique way of speaking, coupled with his vibrant and hysterical personality, adds a dash of energy to the sketches. His interactions with other characters often result in rib-tickling misunderstandings and funny moments.

Babli Sir

Babli Sir is a fictional school teacher portrayed by Bhuvan Bam. He is known for his strict and eccentric behaviour, which often leads to amusing situations. Babli Sir’s unconventional teaching methods and quirky personality make him a memorable and entertaining character in BB Ki Vines.

These characters, with their distinct traits and comedic elements, have become fan favourites in BB Ki Vines. Bhuvan Bam’s talent for portraying diverse characters and their interactions have contributed to the popularity and success of the channel, making viewers eagerly anticipate each new sketch.