In order to promote awareness of the value of tourism and its effects on the economy, the Ministry of Tourism honors National Tourism Day on the 25th of January every year!

India is a popular destination for travelers because of its diversity. This day is marked to raise awareness of the value of Indian tourism and to highlight the various customs and cultural offerings that India has to offer.

These below-mentioned content creators chose to use visual means to showcase their experiences to their viewers. Social media gives these adventurers a chance to express their personalities and attracts viewers more strongly and explore the numerous types of tourism available in India.

Are you prepared to adopt the traveler’s spirit? Settle in with some snacks and watch these travel content creators rule the world!

Shivya Nath

Shivya Nath favors solo, slow, and environmentally friendly travel. She is a well-known travel writer, social media expert, and blogger known for her travel blog “The Shooting Star.” She is the Founder of @climateconscioustravel and, to round out her accomplishments she also has contributed to the Bestselling author (Penguin).

Siddhartha Joshi

If you’re looking for a taste of the unexpected and extreme sides of travel, Siddhartha Joshi is your man as he is an avid traveler, blogger, and nature photographer with an experience of 5+ years. He has incredible creativity and talent for taking images and videos while traveling.

His presentation of his story is not only captivating but also a lot of fun to watch!

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Archana Singh

In her quest for unusual locations, Archana Singh started as a former brand strategist and later turned into a travel entrepreneur. With more than 17 years of marketing experience in both India and overseas, she has visited more than 60 countries and promotes sustainable travel.

Currently, she works as a brand consultant, influencer, photographer, and public speaker!


Zeeshan puts a lot of emphasis on stepping outside your comfort zone and living life to the fullest. With this enthusiasm, he works to inspire others to pursue their own travel aspirations.

He enjoys setting off on new adventures, and his content is usually upbeat and inspiring!

These content creators will undoubtedly open your eyes to all the adventures you can experience and help you accomplish your goal to tour the world and find the motivation to finally board that plane!