Social media influencers truly hold a lot of influence, especially on the marketing aspects of markets. Even a single video from creators can make or break a brand’s image in no time. Globally renowned brand Lay’s knows this and promptly responded to a video by Zervaan J Bunshah where he rants against Magic Masala. However, what caught our eye was how Bingo, an indigenous brand, soon jumped in to use the video to its favour and market its Masala Chips. 

Bunshah Lay's and Bingo, in a humorous triangle

Bunshah’s Outcry Over Lay’s Magic Masala

Zervaan J Bunshah uploaded a video on October 30, 2023, that quickly went viral as he used social media to passionately “de-influencing” his followers  against Lay’s for altering the beloved Magic Masala flavour. In his rant, he lamented the loss of spice in the iconic snack, stating that the new version tasted too sweet and humorously dubbed it “meetha masala.” His video resonated with many fans of Lay’s Magic Masala chips, leading to a surge of comments, likes, and shares.

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Lay’s’ Reassurance to Loyal Customers

However, Lay’s India was not about to take this critique lightly. Responding to Bunshah’s video, the popular snack brand assured him and its loyal customers that the original Magic Masala flavour would be making a comeback. The brand clarified that the chips featured in Bunshah’s Instagram rant were part of a limited-edition release, and the magic in Magic Masala was not gone for good.

Bingo’s Truckload of Humour

In a humorous twist, Bingo, an ITC brand, saw an opportunity to step in and make light of the situation. Bingo reached out to Zervaan J Bunshah and offered a delightful marketing response. In a playful and witty Instagram reel, the brand assured Bunshah that their masala chips were genuinely spicy, unlike the sweet version of Lay’s Magic Masala that had disappointed him. To make amends, they went a step further, offering to send him a truckload of their Bingo #spicymasala chips.

Bingo’s Follow-Up Reel

In a follow-up reel, the brand humorously stated that, since Bunshah hadn’t sent them his address, they had consumed all the chips in the truck, and now it was merely an empty truck. However, they were more than willing to send him the empty truck as a gesture of good humour.

The entire episode underlines the power of content creators and their ability to shift the tide, perception and customer sentiment. It also highlights the importance of brands responding to customer feedback, as seen with Lay’s India assuring the return of the original Magic Masala chips. Bingo’s playful and creative response added a touch of humour to the situation, demonstrating the role of humour in marketing and maintaining a strong online presence.