The potential of artificial intelligence (AI) never ceases to amaze. Today, AI is a part of everyone’s day-to-day life. Whether it is used for informational and educational purposes or for entertainment, AI has the power to impress both ways. There are some artists who create an imaginative world with its power. One such artist Abhishek Prabhu‘s recent AI-based work left us amazed.

He re-imagined a couple of flavours for the popular chips brand Lay’s. The Head of Content at Wubba Lubba Dub Dub, Abhishek Prabhu took to LinkedIn to share his versions of desi or Indianised Lay’s. We all know, that Lay’s has a special ‘Magic Masala‘ flavour dedicated to satiate the Indian palate. But what if it expanded to flavours like biryani, dhokla, butter chicken, and more?

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Abhishek’s Vision For Desi Lay’s

In a creative twist to the world of snacks, Abhishek shared his imaginative take on the popular chip brand courtesy of Artificial Intelligence. Tired of the same old ‘Magic Masala’ flavour, Prabhu suggested a revamp that celebrates India’s diverse culinary palette.

Lay's desi Indian flavours Pahado wali maggi chole bhature AI Abhishek Prabhu

In his post, Abhishek highlighted the fact that India’s rich culinary scene is much more than a generic ‘masala’ flavour. He proposed the idea of incorporating regional flavours into Lay’s chips, showcasing the vast diversity of Indian cuisine to a global audience.

The Indian Flavours

The imaginative flavours generated by AI range from Dhokla, a popular snack in western India, to Shahi Biryani, a fragrant rice dish loved across the country. Butter Chicken, a creamy and flavourful North Indian curry, and Pahadon Wali Maggi, a mountain-inspired version of the popular instant noodles, were also part of his creative lineup. He also imagined an Onion Pakora and a Vada Pav variant, both fried, crispy snacks famous in Mumbai. Not just that, representing the South Indian delicacy, Abhishek included a Mysore Masala Dosa flavour too.

Lay's desi Indian flavours AI LinledIn 
Abhishek Prabhu

Ever noticed how the ‘India’s Magic Masala’ flavor in Lays is a bit… well, general? India’s culinary scene is much more than a single masala & I couldn’t help but think we’re selling our culinary heritage short with such a broad brushstroke. So, I’ve been playing around with the idea of reimagining these regional flavors for a global audience,” he wrote in his LinkedIn post.

Abhishek further asked people to imagine a snack range that’s not just ‘Indian Masala‘ but a spectrum of India’s culinary diversity. “Which flavor would actually be a good bet amongst these? Let me know in the comments below!” asked the content head in his caption.

Lay's Indian desi flavours dhokla shahi biryani AI Abhishek Prabhu

Netizens React

Accompanied by AI-generated images, Prabhu’s post sparked curiosity and enthusiasm among people, prompting them to share their thoughts on the unique chips flavours. Many appreciated the idea of moving beyond the generic masala taste and embracing India’s culinary heritage in a snack format. The ideas instantly grabbed the attention of LinkedIn users and they started sharing their thoughts in the comments section. 

Crazy,” read a comment. Another person wrote, “I want butter chicken Lays“. A LinkedIn user appreciated the product design saying, “flavour selection is commendable and pack design is something that can attract anybody to the shelf.” A third user commented, “Can’t wait for Lays to see this post and make these flavours.” Another commenter said, “Amazing imagination and ideas“. Someone said they are looking up to dal chawal flavour while another created their own version for Paneer Tikka-flavoured Lay’s.

Which flavour would you like to see turn from AI into reality? Who knows, Lay’s might actually take some of these into consideration?