Bumble has taken a bold move, shaking up the dating landscape. The online dating app has bid farewell to its signature feature of women initiating conversations, introducing Opening Moves instead. This shift comes amidst a broader trend in the dating industry, where advancements in AI technology are posing both challenges and opportunities for online dating world.

A New Era of Engagement

Bumble is on a roll as it has been trying hard to revive itself. From changing its logo to adding a range of features including Opening Moves, it allows users to set conversation-starting questions to their matches, skipping the traditional gender role barriers that existed earlier on Bumble. Women now have the option to curate questions, providing them with greater agency and flexibility in how they engage with potential matches. Moreover, non-binary users and those seeking same-gender connections can also participate in this exchange, bringing inclusivity to the platform.

Will Bumble new features thrive in AI intervention in Online Dating

From Catfishing to Botfishing

While Bumble’s evolution signifies progress in the realm of online dating, it also reflects broader trends within the industry. The increased use of AI tools has introduced new challenges, such as the emergence of botfishing, where automated systems generate dating profiles and responses. This trend adds another layer of complexity to the already intricate world of digital matchmaking.

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Ways To Protect From Botfishing

As the prevalence of bots and scams increases, users must remain vigilant to protect themselves. Identifying suspicious profiles, such as those with generic or scripted responses, can help users differentiate between genuine connections and automated interactions. Utilising AI analysis tools and requesting video calls for verification are among the strategies users can employ to stay safe while navigating the dating world.

Will Bumble new features thrive in AI intervention like Botfishing in Online Dating


Bumble’s new features signifies the changing nature of online dating and how these platforms keep up with the changes to bring empowerment, inclusivity, and choice. However, as the industry continues to evolve, it’s essential for users to remain aware of emerging trends and potential risks. By staying informed and proactive, individuals can navigate the complexities of online dating with confidence, ultimately finding meaningful connections in the digital age.