Do you daydream about sipping piña coladas on a white-sand beach? Or walking through the neon and bustle of city streets? Or even napping on a houseboat somewhere in the middle of nowhere? Well, me too. Let’s manifest this, girlies. It’s time to stop daydreaming and start saving because we’re about to figure out how to finance that dream holiday we’ve always wanted. BruisedPassports, Instagram content creators and travel experts have used their past experiences to prepare a guide that can turn our wanderlust dreams into a reality.

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In this article, we’re ditching the boring finance jargon and diving directly into practical, fun, and noob-friendly advice to fund your dream getaway. With Savi Munjal and Vidit Taneja’s tips (thank you, Savi & Vid!), you’ll be equipped with the strategies that content creators use to make their travel fantasies come true. No more waiting around – it’s time to take that dream vacation you’ve been talking about before 2023 ends. Let’s say cheers to our upcoming adventure, to financial freedom and to exploring the world on our terms.

If you’re that girlie who lives under a rock – who are BruisedPassports?

BruisedPassports is a social media channel and blog created by Savi and Vid, a couple who’ve made travelling the world their full-time job—Brb, a mini-quarter life crisis incoming.
Oof, I’m back. They’re literally the cutest. Savi and Vid are all about helping people turn their travel dreams into reality. Whether it’s finding the money for your dream vacation, exploring new destinations, or having unique travel experiences, they’ve got you covered. As “professional travellers” of over 12 years, they’ve explored more than 100 countries. With this pro-level travel experience comes a wealth of knowledge that we, as fans, love to have access to. So, come join the club. Follow their recommendations and stories on @bruisedpassports.

Now you know them – want to know their secret?

Last year, they did a full-on boss move and published their book, Bruised Passports: Travelling the World as Digital Nomads, with Harper Collins India. You won’t believe me, but this book served as such an important, needed starting point for me becoming a solo traveller. So, allow me to help you. I’m here to serve you inspiration through a small glimpse into one of the chapters from their book: how do Savi and Vid save up for those epic adventures?

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Don’t be a finance dum-dum

First, they say you need to get financially savvy. Think of it as your secret weapon for digital entrepreneurship. You sadly won’t learn this stuff in school, but you can teach yourself using free online resources like podcasts, YouTube, and audiobooks. Once you master the money game, you’ll be all set to turn your dreams into strategy-driven reality.

Rethink your lifestyle

Next, it’s all about living within your means. It might sound a bit dull, but it does a pretty fine job. Savi and Vidit suggest saving a chunk of your cash every month. Their trick? Cut back on splurges like fancy dinners and put that money towards your dream fund. Reach your goals, one smart choice at a time.

Talk money with the honey

Then, they talk about having open money chats. They mean being real with yourself and your partner about your financial goals. Dreams can change, so set smaller goals along the way, like building a ladder to reach your big dreams. Savi and Vidit did just that when they chased their travel dreams.

Funds for when the days ain’t fun

After that, it’s time to be ready for rainy days. No, not the weather – financial surprises. Savi and Vidit recommend saving enough to cover six months of expenses. It’s a smart move, especially in today’s unpredictable world.

Credit cards aren’t really bae

And finally, they’re all about a debt-free life. Start small and only invest what you can afford in your dream business. No loans and no fuss – it’s like a superpower for living life on your terms.

Their approach, while unconventional, has seemingly brought them immense peace of mind and the freedom to pursue what they really love: travel. For Savi and Vid, smart financial decisions mean more than just profit. It needs to add meaning to their life. Thanks to their journey, they’ve shown that you can do anything you dream of when you dare to approach it realistically. 

So, there you have it. Your roadmap to making those wanderlust dreams a reality, courtesy of the Instagram travel gurus, BruisedPassports. With these five tips, you’re not just booking a vacation; you’re starting to wonder if travel can be your 9 to 5 too. So, grab your passport, pack your bags, and have a magical festive season ahead.