In a symphony of national pride, Chandrayaan-3 gracefully touched down on the moon’s surface on August 23, 2023, at 18:02 IST, igniting a collective sense of achievement that resonates in every Indian heart. This accomplishment is a harmonious blend of science and determination, leaving the nation basking in the glow of its own success.

From the legacy of Kalpana Chawla, the visionary Indian-American astronaut who ventured beyond the confines of Earth, to the most recent shining achievement in India’s space journey, the successful landing of Chandrayaan-3 on the moon, India is truly making its way towards the vast expanse of starry skies.

But wait, the story doesn’t end there. As news of this monumental achievement spread like wildfire across the digital universe, brands around the country took the stage with their own celebrations by creating –creative brand campaigns. A symphony of creativity was noticed, with each brand playing a unique tribute to India’s achievement as they demonstrated their mastery in crafting campaigns that spoke to the heart of this accomplishment.

Wear your seatbelt because we’re about to dive into the creative campaigns from brands for Chandrayaan-3 that skyrocketed to the moon and beyond:

Kellogg’s India

Get ready for an incredible expedition with Kellogg’s India! They’ve cooked up a super fun campaign that mixes breakfast with outer space. Imagine the moon turning into a giant milk planet, and guess what lands there? Cereals dropped by Chandrayaan-3!

This campaign isn’t just about breakfast; it’s about making our everyday things part of something cosmic. It’s like saying, “Hey, even astronauts need a good breakfast!” This clever idea shows how imagination can connect our morning routine with adventures that are millions of miles away. So, the next time you munch on your cereal, remember it’s not just breakfast—it’s a mini space adventure on your plate!


Lays elevated snacking with an amazing campaign! A chip packet in a “moon landing edition” packaging, complete with an awesome and beautiful space background. It’s like your taste buds are on a cosmic adventure! This campaign isn’t just about chips; it’s about making everyday moments feel out of this world. Imagine, snacking becomes a mini space mission.

The next time you open a bag of Lays chips, you’re not just snacking—you’re diving into a delicious space journey. It’s the “moon landing edition,” where every crunch takes you closer to the stars. So, grab your Lays, gaze at that spacey packaging, and get ready to snack like an astronaut in space!

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Happydent’s campaign struck a chord with its emotional resonance: “Aaj chaand se zyada desh chamak raha hai” (meaning – ‘Today, the country shines brighter than the moon’). This heartfelt saying went way beyond words, capturing a feeling of pride and togetherness that’s even more awesome than the stars!

It’s like a reminder that our teamwork and achievements can outshine even the sparkliest stars and that beyond just talking about fresh breath, this campaign became a way to celebrate our shared journey and successes. So, let’s stand side by side, not just lighting up the night sky but also kindling the fire of our nation’s spirit. Our radiance, like a constellation of brilliance, is what sets us apart.


Dominos gave pizza lovers a taste of cosmic fun with their innovative campaign. A slice of pizza that is shaped like a rocket, ready to blast off into flavor space! But what really got us was their copy: “Delivery Status: Complete.” It’s as if they turned pizza delivery into an interstellar adventure, making us all feel like astronauts of taste.

In a world where pizza is a universal delight, Dominos managed to sprinkle a little stardust of creativity. Their rocket pizza wasn’t just about food; it was about the excitement of a journey, the anticipation of a bite, and the joy of sharing good times. It’s a reminder that even the simplest things, like a pizza slice, can be transformed into a cosmic experience. So, next time you savor that cheesy, rocket-shaped delight, remember that every bite is a delicious voyage through the universe of taste!


Swiggy’s latest reel is a cosmic burst of creativity that’s out of this world! A real delivery status not just zipping to your door but soaring all the way to the moon. It’s like a playful reminder that their service knows no bounds. And that final touch? “1.4 Billion Smiles Delivered.” It’s a heartwarming way of saying that is it not just delivering food; they’re delivering happiness to every corner of the country.

In a universe where technology meets imagination, this reel is a reminder that innovation can take us anywhere. From homes to the moon, they’re on a mission to bring joy and convenience to us all. So the next time you’re enjoying your meal from Swiggy, remember it’s not just food—it’s a cosmic connection that bridges the gap between your cravings and their creativity.

In the cosmic dance of Chandrayaan-3’s victory, these brand campaigns have definitely added a sparkling touch. They remind us that our achievements, like stars in the sky, are best celebrated with creativity and unity. As we look up to the moon, we’re also looking into a future filled with possibilities, where the sky is not the limit, but a beginning!