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In the fast-paced world of technology and innovation, certain individuals shine as beacons of knowledge, bridging the gap between the complexities of tech and the eager minds that seek to comprehend it. Naman Deshmukh, aka TechPlusGadgets, a name that goes hand-in-hand with accessible tech insights, talks to us in an exclusive interview with Social Nation to share his remarkable journey and invaluable insights into the realm of technology, passion, and more.

The trailblazing presence of TechPlusGadgets has become a go-to source for all things tech-related. His unique ability to simplify difficult concepts and convey them in an understandable manner has earned him a dedicated following across age groups.

Join us as we unravel the layers of Naman Deshmukh’s tech journey, exploring his motivations, the challenges he’s overcome, and the aspirations that continue to drive him forward. Through this exclusive interview, Naman invites us to discover the person behind the tech guru, offering a glimpse into his world of innovation, education, and unyielding dedication. Presenting interesting excerpts from the conversation below.

Naman Deshmukh aka TechPlusGadgets Interview

We are so intrigued by what you do. We’d love to know you better. Can you tell us about your background and journey?

Naman: For a span of nearly 4 and a half years, I honed my skills by working with multiple companies, gaining diverse experiences along the way. Soon after, I embarked on my journey as a content creator, dedicating my time after office hours to pursuing my passion for creating tech content. This involved shooting, editing, and uploading, effectively working double shifts. I continued with this routine for about 3 years, and although it was challenging, it was a period of constant growth.

In March 2022, I made the decision to quit my job and fully dedicate myself to my passion. Within the next 4-5 months, I achieved the remarkable milestone of reaching 1 million followers on Instagram. This success allowed me to make investments in establishing my own office and studio. Currently, I lead a team of 5 talented individuals who contribute to our creative endeavors. This journey highlights the significance of relentlessly pursuing one’s passion and transforming it into a thriving career.

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Why technology? What about this field fascinated you the most?

Naman: My parents tell me that when I was a kid, I used to open all my toys to understand their functionality—how the motors worked, how the tires were made, and how the steering operated. I’ve always been fascinated by understanding how things work. Later in life, I extended this curiosity to laptops and computers. Now I desire to share my knowledge with others, making technology easily accessible. My aim is to simplify information so that even those who aren’t tech-savvy can understand.

We would love to know more about your process. How do you stay updated on the current trending topics and select one, how do you plan your video and the script, what are the steps?

Naman: I stay updated with trending sites, articles, and blogs, consistently keeping an eye out for what’s new. When it comes to shooting content, I begin by shortlisting video topics. Because I understand what my audience likes, I’m skilled at figuring out what they connect with. Regarding the process, I start by drafting the script, strategically incorporating a call to action. While doing so, I visualize how the content will appear on camera and I ensure to include these visual cues in the script. Working closely with my team, we move on to the shooting phase. Subsequently, the content is handed over to the editing team for refinement. Prior to going live, we conduct thorough cross-checks to ensure everything is in place.

What according to you is necessary as a content creator to stand out and be relevant in the field? Especially when a subject is so specific, like technology. And how do you evolve keeping your unique voice alive?

Naman: Certainly, given the substantial competition, my key principle is to maintain the original approach that I began with. I’m not referring solely to camera quality, but rather the mindset that initially drew viewers in. For me, it’s crucial to preserve the aspect that people enjoy from the outset.

In my case, people appreciated my ability to explain things in a straight and easy manner. This resonated with individuals of all ages, including those who previously lacked an interest in technology. Witnessing their newfound enjoyment in the process due to my content gives me a unique sense of purpose. I believe this is a defining quality I possess, as my goal has always been to make technology accessible to everyone.

If not “Tech”, then what would Naman be doing? What do you like doing apart from exploring gadgets?

Naman: If not in the field of technology, then obviously I would be engaged in the development of technology. I held a strong interest in data science and machine learning. I was also actively seeking opportunities abroad for both studying and working. Besides all of this, I have a deep passion for traveling. As a way to alleviate stress, I make it a point to embark on trips with a gap of one or two months. In fact, I create travel content on a separate profile during these journeys.

What is the one key advice you would give to your younger self and to young aspiring students in this field?

Naman: There is a multitude of advice I would like to offer my younger self and aspiring students, based on the lessons I’ve learned throughout my life. First and foremost, I would emphasize the importance of taking risks. If your goal is to pursue something unique and unconventional, be prepared to step out of your comfort zone and take calculated risks. Secondly, it’s crucial not to be overly concerned about others’ opinions. What others say should not deter you from following your path. Third, always believe in your capabilities and think on a larger scale. Combine this with diligent effort and consistency in your work. Lastly, valuing and respecting time is important. Focusing on your ultimate objective is essential, regardless of your field. Continuous skill enhancement is a necessity to achieve success.

Is there any current or future project you’re working on that you’d like to share with us? What can we expect next?

Naman: Speaking about our current project – “The Growth Plus,” we are focused on individuals who aspire to excel in social media content creation. For them, we’ve developed a course wherein I share insights on how to efficiently boost your social media profile’s growth in less time. This course is packed with valuable tips and tricks accessible to everyone.

Secondly, my aspiration involves being a part of a product-based company or startup. Currently, we are diligently working towards this goal. While I can’t reveal too much at this stage, I’m excited to offer an exclusive sneak peek into our upcoming endeavor – A gadget that will soon make its way to the market! However, I’m not rushing the process; I’m committed to ensuring that it’s thoughtfully executed.

So, let’s raise a digital toast to Naman Deshmukh, the maestro of tech demystification, reminding us that the world of gadgets is a playground open to all. Here’s to smashing through complexities, breaking digital barriers, and setting sail toward a tech-savvy horizon!