Hi there humans! We have a piece of bad news for the likes of us. As we are willing to go in public uglier than ever before, there is a virtual influencer who is dressed to impress. Yes, you got it right, it’s Zlu, the Alien Supermodel. For those of you who did not know, well, you’re about to know everything about Zlu.

Out of the world

When we said our influencers are extraordinary and out of the world, we did not know there would be somebody to symbolise this very expression. Zlu is a digital supermodel and an alien influencer. Wait, it’s about to get worse. While we are struggling with daily traffic and pushing our way forward, Zlu is living his best life, in the city of love, Paris. 

Who is Zlu?

From Poo to Zlu, life happened! Zlu is a hologram alien influencer created with the finest technical skills. He is completely computer generated and was bought into the world directly. Zlu represents his creator’s imagination as well as 3D modelling skills, which made him one of a kind. 

Though Zlu came to Earth at the mercy of his creator, he has now built a life for himself on the planet. He has carved a niche for himself in the field of fashion particularly, as well as sci-fi and gaming. 

The Future of Fashion

Who does not want to be the next big thing? The revolutionary? The break in monotony? Well, everybody! So when Zlu, the ambassador of futuristic fashion happened, all the big brands wanted to make him the face of their brand. This would help them establish themselves as the change makers in fashion, one of the biggest industries in the world. 

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As we already mentioned, Zlu is living his best life. While living in Paris, one of the best cities to live in, Zlu has also partnered with some of the biggest fashion names in the market. 

Zlu X Karl Lagerfeld

Recently Zlu has collaborated with none other than Karl Lagerfeld for their Ultimate Icon collection which is a special edition of the brand. The collection highlights evening-wear in all its modern glory retelling the stories of elegance. 

Zlu X Chimi

Zlu recently was spotted at Chimi’s newest store which opened in Paris. He was seen wearing Chimi’s signature all-black outfit. To say the least, Zlu looked HAWT. We have had enough of humans and we think we are into aliens now. He paired the uber chic fashion with equally impressive eyewear.

Zlu X Citadium

Know for its Youth Culture and forward-thinking, Citadium has always been at the top of its game. This time it took the ball in its court with an alien intervention when it worked with Zlu for their NewCo collection that looks as comforting as a tub of ice cream.

Zlu X Pull & Bear

The Alien Supermodel Zlu has collaborated with the brand of young people, Pull & Bear. The brand calls him the “newest star in the galaxy of fashion” and we couldn’t agree more. Zlu was spotted wearing the leisure wear for Pull & Bear in their virtual display advertisement.

Working alongside these big brands in fashion, Zlu has also partnered with many other names in the industry including NG Promotion, and LidlFrance. His installations can be seen at premium spots in Paris. He is best dressed, more famous and earning better. Basically, Zlu is already living our far-fetched dream. 

Future is coming? The future is here!