Popularly known as the ‘Roast King of India’, CarryMinati dropped his latest video on Youtube titled ‘MeTube’ space and since has been in news for the video’s unapologetic content. It has amassed 9 plus million views so far and is touted to be a roast of Youtube.

The video starts with CarryMinati sharing the context around why he’s been invited by MeTube at their newly launched studio setup for creators. At his dismay, he looks at the venue and expresses his disappointment over the prep made by the MeTube team but eventually gives up for being a part of the top trending creator list of Youtube. Here starts what can be called a series of rant affairs by the popular creator in his own signature style.

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With an unusual mix of characters, cringe-worthy studio setup, and a dash of comedy, the video manages to leave the viewers in splits owing to its unrealistic and relatable nature. What’s more interesting is the plug-in of Arctic Fox hoodies – a subtle stand at branding and a jibe taken at conventional advertising. The creator seamlessly speaks about the brand new hoodies as the endorser in a roasti-que manner. CarryMinati was onboarded as the brand ambassador by Arctic Fox in October 2020 to promote ‘The Gamer Backpack’.

Cut to the MeTube roast, the actors are back at being themselves focused on the offerings by MeTube and why it is a complete failure. In the hindsight, the video also raked in negative responses from the viewers who accused the creator of hurting Hindu religious sentiments over the bizarre portrayal of Lord Rama. As a result of which, CarryMinati issued an apology statement across his social media pages and deleted the ‘controversial’ scene from the official video.

However, the overall response has been good and is acclaimed as his return to unabashed comedy and roasts. It is not the first time that CarryMinati has faced the ire of the masses for his content online which is often termed as obnoxious. The Delhi-based creator takes accountability for the situation and manages to be a viewer’s favorite by adhering to the platform policies and audiences’ interests.