Slam poetry, also known as spoken word poetry, is a form of performance art that combines elements of poetry, storytelling, theatre, and spoken word. It is an energetic and passionate style of poetry that originated in the 1980s as a competitive event in Chicago, Illinois. YouTube has played a significant role in the growth and popularity of slam poetry in India. It has provided a platform for aspiring poets to showcase their talent, reach a wider audience, and build a community around slam poetry.

Slam Poetry On Youtube

How is Slam Poetry Different From Poetry

What sets slam poetry apart from traditional forms of poetry is its emphasis on performance and audience interaction. The poets deliver their work with intense emotion, using body language, gestures, and voice modulation to enhance the impact of their words. The audience plays a crucial role in slam poetry, reacting to the performance through snaps, applause, or vocal responses.

Youtube and Slam Poetry

Many slam poets, especially those in India, have utilised YouTube to upload their performances and connect with poetry enthusiasts. They create channels or collaborate with existing poetry channels to share their work. This has allowed them to break geographical barriers and gain exposure beyond their immediate surroundings.

Youtube has grown Slam poetry In India
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Furthermore, YouTube has facilitated collaborations between poets, musicians, and visual artists, resulting in innovative and multimedia slam poetry performances. These collaborations have enriched the art form and brought new dimensions to Indian slam poetry.

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To add to it, YouTube has given rise to popular spoken word poetry channels in India, such as Kommune India, Spill Poetry, and UnErase Poetry. These channels curate and promote slam poetry content, featuring established and emerging poets, organising virtual slams, and providing a platform for discussions and conversations around poetry.

Slam Poets We Love On Youtube

There are numerous talented slam poets on YouTube who have gained popularity for their powerful performances and thought-provoking content. Here are a few notable slam poets from various parts of the country who have a significant presence on YouTube-

Priya Malik

Priya Malik is an Indian-Australian slam poet, actress, and television personality. She gained widespread recognition through her powerful performances on various platforms, including her appearance on the reality TV show “Big Brother Australia” in 2014. She has made appearances on various channels and platforms, including performing at renowned poetry events such as the Kavi Sammelan, InkTalks, and others. 

Priya Malik’s slam poetry focuses on social issues, women’s empowerment, gender equality, and challenging societal norms. Her performances are known for their boldness, authenticity, and thought-provoking content. Priya has performed at numerous national and international poetry festivals and events, captivating audiences with her passionate delivery and impactful words.

Nidhi Narwal

Nidhi Narwal is an Indian slam poet known for her powerful performances and thought-provoking poetry. She gained recognition through her participation in various national and international poetry competitions, where her performances have resonated with audiences. She has been featured in various poetry events and platforms, including performances at spoken word poetry festivals, slam competitions, and online poetry communities.

Nidhi Narwal’s poetry often focuses on social issues, feminism, gender equality, and personal experiences. Her performances are characterised by their emotional intensity, strong delivery, and engaging stage presence. She uses her words to challenge societal norms, raise awareness, and inspire change.

Amandeep Singh

Amandeep Singh is one of the most well-known slam poets in the Indian community. He has a beautiful connection with words which he uses to tell his story to the audience and draw them towards himself. Since a child, Amadeep has always enjoyed being on stage and narrating his side of the story to hundreds of people. So after finishing Engineering, he decided to give Slam Poetry a chance.

Amandeep Singh speaks about a variety of topics but his fans love it when he recounts stories of love and infatuation. The way his cheeks turn pink, every time he remembers “that special someone,” it reinforces the idea of love. Amandeep has also performed at various slam poetry events. He also has his solo shows across the country.

Rutwik Deshpande

Rutwik Deshpande is a theatre artist, slam poet, writer and filmmaker. Juggling between roles, he always knew he wanted to be a performer telling stories and making stories up through his work. Rutwik has performed many pieces about Corporate culture and work life.

Rutwik Deshpande is a rising star in the spoken poetry scene. Alongside, he also has many theatre plays to his credit including Tring Tring and Memories Down The Lane. Rutwik has performed at various spoken poetry events. He also won the Best English Slam at IIT Bombay and Mood Indigo. The honesty in his eyes and the earnest approach to entertaining his audience, are the strong points of Rutwik’s performance. 

Slam poetry is a dynamic and engaging form of artistic expression that encourages creativity, social commentary, and connection between the poet and the audience. Youtube especially gives a platform for marginalised voices to express their perspectives, challenge social norms, and create a sense of community. It continues to evolve as an art form, blending with other disciplines such as music, dance, and visual arts to create powerful and thought-provoking performances.