Anmol Rodriguez is a fashion influencer, model, actor, TEDx Speaker, and pillar of inclusivity in India. As a two-month-old baby, she faced the heinous crime of acid attack from her father while her mother was breastfeeding her. This resulted in her burnt skin dotted with scars, a blind eye, and her mother succumbed to injuries, even though their neighbours rushed them to the hospital immediately after they were rescued. Her father was sent to prison after committing the crime. After recovering for almost five years in the hospital, Anmol’s new life started at an orphanage, Shree Manav Seva Sangh, Mumbai.

Growing up she started studying at SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai. Unable to handle the constantly uncomfortable stares, gossips, and isolation, she quit going to college. When the orphanage came to know about it, they provided her with a home tutor, Krina Gandhi who guided her out of her shell by sharing inspiring stories like Helen Keller and made her strong enough to battle society’s discrimination. After completing her BCA Degree, she got a job as a Software Developer based on her qualification. But soon after working for two months, she was fired just because of her disfigured face. Even after that and receiving constant rejections from other companies, she didn’t back down. Her ambitious spirit was still glowing.

She decided to stop being a passive victim and took matters into her own hands with the help of social media. On a whim, she posted her unfiltered picture on Facebook, and mind you her friends were against it at first since they thought she would be mocked. But miraculously, she received more love in reel life than in real life. Soon, she was noticed by modeling agencies, brands, and photographers, and then bang! Her life took a vast turn with pouring offers. Just look at her now! Anmol Rodriguez is a fashion influencer with 257K followers on Instagram and is full-time working as a model. She was always passionate about fashion, and these opportunities were a dream come true for her. Her current life is a stark contrast to her school life where she was not allowed on stage and could only do backstage work.

Not looking back anymore, she took social media by storm. She has worked with photographers like Tejas Gedekar, Bhavini Damani and has also interacted with Bollywood star Ranveer Singh at a Kotak Mahindra event. Not only has she collaborated with Indian as well as international beauty and fashion brands like Shoppers Stop, Clovia, Fab Occasions, but also others like LIKEE Creator Academy. She has bravely confronted the world for its dubious beauty standards.

Here’s Shoppers Stop ‘Right to Look Fabulous’ with Anmol Rodriguez from October 2020:

Doesn’t she look so pretty in the bridal makeup? This collaboration was with Fab Occasions in October 2019. Makeup is only for enhancing your beauty. Your inner beauty is what matters the most.

If you want to know her journey in her own words, watch this video in association with LIKEE Creator Academy from November 2019.

Inspired by Anmol’s motto ‘Happy is my Superpower’, Clovia launched a nightwear collection that reflects her true personality in August 2019.

Did you know she was the number 1 awardee for Dr. Batra’s Positive Health Hero 2019? It’s from November 2019.

Here’s her TEDx speech at RGNUL on ‘The fallacious concept of beauty’ in August 2018.

She also visited NMIMS, Hyderabad in March 2018 as a TEDx Speaker to talk about ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.’

Anmol has worked along with Shabana Azmi in a short film ‘AuntyJi’ by Adeeb Rais. Released on August 29, 2018, it was produced by Madmidaas Films She had even won the ‘Best Performance Female’ award at Casttree Film Festival in 2018.

She’s in a relationship with Bahar Ahire, and trust me they look so adorable together!

In 2017, the fashion icon set up her own NGO, Acid Survivors Saahas Foundation to help acid attack victims. Her greatest inspiration has always been Priyanka Chopra, who’s been making style statements in both Bollywood and Hollywood. Anmol Rodriguez has experienced a really tough life since her birth, but her resilience, courage, and determination made her what she’s now. She’s deserving of the title Queen!