Anirudh Sharma and Mrunal Panchal, two well-known YouTubers and social media influencers who have been together for years have now advanced their romance as they posted mushy photos on social media to announce their engagement.

Anirudh claimed he had proposed to Mrunal by posting some affectionate photos of the two of them on Instagram. The pair are seen matching in a soft purple kurta, with Mrunal accessorizing with a Phulkari dupatta.

She said YES! to the marriage proposal, and pictures show her flashing her engagement ring.

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Sharing the amazing news with fans on Instagram, she wrote, “AND I SAID YES!!! I LOVE YOU @anirudhh_sharma with all my heart and you know how much I value you, and I can’t wait to spend my life with you, and grow old with you he made the best proposal I could ever ask for!

These few days have been so special! Two families getting together! My precious Ani, you are officially MINE 18.12.2022 #engaged #mrunirudh”

The narrative started when she was in India and he was in Canada, and they proved that despite their huge distance and time difference, they were still meant to be together.

Recently, Mrunal and Anirudh also bought their first car together!

She shared a picture of their brand-new car and stated, “For us, this moment is incredibly significant and special.” As it’s their first vehicle purchase together.

The Timeline:

Since the beginning of her creator journey, the couple has excelled at fashion and travel blogging, and we couldn’t have asked for happier times in their lives. The duo is pumped up to take a leap of faith toward a – Happy Married Life!