Being a part of society it is an ideal scenario for each one of us to contribute to uplifting each other. When big names do this, the impact is manifold. Adobe and the Adobe Foundation have announced the Adobe Film & TV Fund, committing an impressive $6 million to empower underrepresented creators and filmmakers seeking opportunities in the film and TV industry. Alongside Adobe, many other names have partnered to support the cause including Easterseals, The Latinx House, NAACP, Gold House, Sundance Institue, and our very own Yuvaa


Focusing on Inclusion and Diversity

In its inaugural year, the Adobe Film & TV Fund will allocate the entire $6 million through grants, contributions, and Adobe Creative Cloud product donations. The primary goal is to enhance inclusion in the industry, accelerate the careers of numerous global creators, and ultimately bring in diversity in the film and TV series industry.

Strategic Partnerships for Impact

The initiative has already garnered support from prominent organisations, including Easterseals, Gold House, The Latinx House, NAACP, Sundance Institute, and Yuvaa. These partnerships will play a crucial role in channeling funds towards fellowships and apprenticeships, providing hands-on industry access through mentorships and networking opportunities with production houses, studios, and distributors to bolster filmmaking.

 million to be given initially in Yuvaa X Adobe Film & Tv Fund


Direct Support for Creators and Communities

Grants and contributions from the Adobe Film & TV Fund will also enable partner organisations to directly support creators in their communities, providing funding for both short and feature films. By fostering a direct connection between the fund and creators, the initiative seeks to amplify diverse voices and narratives in the film and TV landscape.

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Comprehensive Fellowship Program

The Adobe Film & TV Fund is set to launch a 14-week fellowship program focusing on education, training, career growth, and workplace experience. This program will include access to Adobe Creative Cloud tools, industry mentorships, masterclass lectures, workplace rotations, and more. The holistic approach aims to provide a well-rounded foundation for underrepresented creators to thrive in the industry.

 million to be given initially in Yuvaa X Adobe Film & Tv Fund


Adobe X Yuvaa

Yuvaa’s collaboration with Adobe marks a significant partnership aimed at advancing opportunities for underrepresented creators in the film and TV industry. As an initial partner of the Adobe Film & TV Fund and a prominent player in the creator industry, Yuvaa is positioned to play a crucial role in channeling resources and support to empower emerging talents.

Yuvaa partners with Adobe for Adobe Film & Tv Fund


Yuvaa, known for its commitment to amplifying diverse voices and fostering inclusive storytelling, aligns seamlessly with Adobe’s mission to address disparities in the industry. Together, they contribute to a comprehensive initiative that not only provides financial backing but also emphasises mentorships, networking, and hands-on industry access, creating a pathway for underrepresented individuals to thrive in the dynamic world of film and television.

Building on Previous Success with Sundance

Adobe’s dedication to supporting underrepresented creators is not new. Since 2015, Adobe has collaborated with Sundance through the Sundance Ignite x Adobe Fellowship, supporting over 90 fellows with the necessary tools and resources to tell their stories. The collaboration expanded in 2020 with the introduction of the Sundance Women to Watch x Adobe Fellowship, focusing on fostering community, advancing craft, and supporting female artists in film and media.


The Adobe Film & TV Fund shows the commitment of Adobe and the Adobe Foundation to fostering a more inclusive and diverse landscape in the film and TV industry, promising tangible support and opportunities for underrepresented creators around the globe.