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YouTube launched an Innovation series just a year ago, giving insights about how their teams work and beyond. The platform also introduced new ways for all the creators to make money and also the parental control guides. They partnered with creators to empower them to do what they do best.

Although they’re coming up with a lot of new exciting products and tools in 2022. Including the highly requested features and updates as well.

Let’s have a look at things that are in store for this year for creators, partners, and viewers.


To give the creators every possible opportunity to make the content they’re investing across all of these formats like Shorts, Live, and Video on demand.

Content that is in short form is quite popular and catchy too. YouTube Shorts have almost 5T all-time views and a lot of creators have seen the power of Shorts to connect with their audience. They’re also introducing the ability to reply to individual comments by creating a Short.

Source: YouTube

Live is also an area that is surely going to see progress this year, says YouTube’s Chief Product Officer – Neal Mohan. The watch time tripled for Live between January 2020 and December 2021. The ability to “go live together” opens up more casual conversation and also makes it easier and fun to watch Live.

Super Chat and Channel Membership are boosting a new generation of Live creators. They’re also starting to test the gifted memberships wherein one can purchase a channel membership for another viewer in the Livestream. They’re also testing the ability to set channel guidelines to shape the tone of conversations on their channel.

Aiming to address the issue of creators as to which ideas are working for them and which aren’t YouTube will also be introducing new insights to empower smarter content creation. Across all these formats, creators will be seeing even more ways of making money and building a business.

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TV was again the fastest-growing screen in 2021, with over 700 million hours of YouTube content on TV daily. They’ll be unveiling a new way for the viewers to use their phones while they watch YouTube on their TV.

Focusing not only on a smoother viewing experience but also on a safer one, they’re developing ways to let the younger generation explore their interests. Featuring a catalog of over 80 million singles, albums, and remixes, YouTube music will keep giving broadband experience to its users.


Partners fund YouTube’s creators in return they get to reach their audiences in a way they can’t find anywhere else. A very fresh opportunity lined up for this year for our brands is Shopping. Shoppable videos, Live Shopping, etc. are in store, users can shop tagged items in their favorite creators’ videos.

Viewers can interact with the creators while Live Shopping as and when the creators drop new products. YouTube will be working to make this easier and better in 2022.