Who does not like unlimited snuggles and cuddles? When these come from our furry friends, it is just a hundred times more awwdorable, right?  However, pets can be a high maintenance responsibility, so we thought why not love them the virtual way? We found some of the most adorable animals accounts on Instagram that you need to follow right now. Yes, immediately! 

The real grumpy cat 

Strangely, we state adorable and we added a grumpy cat to the list. Well, this unusual combo is the only unpredictability we want in our lives.

Real grumpy cat has more followers than all of ours added together. With a fan following of 2.6 million people on Instagram, the real grumpy cat is the grumpiest cat in the world. To add to it, it also has its own line of merchandise including T-shirts and home decor.

Even with a frown, the Grumpy Cat looks like a cutie whom we would have loved to give squishy hugs.

Juniper the Fox

Juniper the Fox is yet another one of our furry celebrities whom we absolutely adore. Juniper has the kindest eyes and can melt your heart in a jiffy.

The Juniperfoxx account on Instagram alone has 2.9 million followers and is an overdose of fitness owing to Juniper and her friends such as Jam Jar, Newt, Elmwood, Finch, Ferngully, Mushroom,  Scales, Fig and the latest being. All these animals are rescued exotics and are raised well in North America by their adopted family.

Juniper apart from being a wonderful fox also is an entrepreneur and has a successful website to her credit where you can shop or donate to the concerned. 

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Jill the Squirrel 

Jill the squirrel is a 10-year-old squirrel who was reduced by the Issac hurricane and now is living her best life with her new family. She loves to run around, climb up the neighbourhood and is extremely scared of vacuum cleaners. 

Jill is also a social media star with 685 K followers on Instagram. His napping videos hold a separate fan base and are loved dearly by all those who visit her profile.

While loves to follow her mommy around she lives the princess life like she was always meant for it. Though Jill does not have a business of her own, she partnered with Bonfire for an exclusive line of holiday T-shirts.

Pumpkin the Raccoon 

Can you believe that dark circles can look adorable? If your answer is a strong no, then just wait for us to drop a picture of this cuteness. Pumpkin the raccoon was a rescued Bahamian raccoon who lived her best life with her best friend, Toffee.

While Pumpkin is no longer with us, the Instagram account is to remember her with fondness. Pumpkin is loved and remembered by 1.1 million followers on Instagram who visit her profile for their daily dose of cuteness.

Pumpkin loved her Pizzas just as much as she loved her chequered bow. She was a source of inspiration for many and brought a smile on the gloomiest day. Even after she has left us, she still brings a ton of joy just by the mention of her name.

Ludwik the Guinea Pig

Remember the pink cotton candy we loved as children? God has blessed the earth with a living form that resembles cotton candy so much. It’s none other than Ludwik the hairless Guinea pig who is adored by his human mother.

Ludwik fancies calling his life a master tale of zero to a hero who climbed up the social media ladder, in a short span of time. Our piggy friend enjoys the company of 228K followers on the social media platform, Instagram. 

Ludwik’s account will give you the much-needed motivation to sail through the grey days. Whether you find him cute or a little creepy, you cannot exit the account without a smile. 

While these little fellas are living and enjoying the stardom, their success really helps their owners and brand collaborators to bring about a huge impact. These petfluencers have touched our aching hearts but we will have to content our hearts with this virtual date. 

Tell us in the comments your favourite pets from Instagram so that we can add our joys.