Being the colourful month that June was, the bright colours of Pride made social media a place full of positive vibes. Among the various Pride initiatives, makeup was at the top of the game. Chandni Rajpal, a professional makeup artist and hairdresser with 18.1K YouTube subscribers and over 3K Instagram followers, took the 30 days of Pride makeup challenge on the ‘gram! You may know her as ‘Chinimua’.

Let’s see Chandni’s Pride makeup series for 30 days on Instagram!

Day 1: Pop Art

Day 2: Highlight Game

Day 3: Bisexual Pride

Day 4: Pride Skull

Day 5: Pride UFO

Day 6: Trans Pride

Day 7: Snapchat Filter: The Pride Flow

Day 8: Pride Joker

Day 9: Eyes Full of Pride

Day 10: Pride Cloud

Day 11: Pansexual E-Girl

Day 12: Glittery Pride

Day 13: Feminism with Transgender

Day 14: Genderqueer

Day 15: Equality

Day 16: Lesbian Queen

Day 17: Pride Butterfly

Day 18: Pride Eyeliner

Day 19: Strong & Proud

Day 20: Pride Hearts

Day 21: Gay Pride

Day 22: Pride Puzzle

Day 23: Pride Glam!

Day 24: Bisexual Pride

Day 25: Asexual Pride

Day 26: Gender Fluid

Day 27: Pride Peacock

Day 28: Pansexual Mandala

Day 29: Unleashing Gay Pride

Day 30: Love Is Love

These were the 30 Pride looks made with so much effort and persistence for each day continuously in June. Hats off to Chandni Rajpal ‘cause she showed that with hard work, patience, and zeal anything is possible! Weren’t the makeup looks and the meaning behind them so knowledgeable and interesting? Creativity is literally flourishing within her! Stay happy, support Pride!