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Pride Month holds great significance for the LGBTQIA+ community. It serves as a platform for the visibility, acceptance, and celebration of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities. During this month, LGBTQIA+ inclusive brand campaigns become particularly important. Recently, many big brands in the US and UK rolled back their LGBTQIA+ inclusive campaigns because of backlash. Corporate Allyship is one of the driving forces of change. Now more than ever is a need for brands to come together and amplify the voices of the community through the brand’s voice and visibility. 

LGBTQIA+ inclusive brand campaigns

What is Corporate Allyship?

Corporate LGBTQIA+ allyship refers to the active support and advocacy of LGBTQIA+ individuals by businesses and organisations. It goes beyond simply stating support and involves taking concrete actions to create inclusive environments, policies, and practices for LGBTQIA+ individuals. 

The current situation

In 2023, many brands including Target have taken a step back with their LGBTQIA+ inclusive brand campaigns. This came as a way to safeguard themselves against severe backlash from certain groups. To raise their concerns against this, a UK-based company- Outvertising, which works towards the inclusion of the LGBTQIA+ community in media and advertising, spoke up.

Outvertising speaks for LGBTQIA+ brand campaigns

The company alleged that certain anti- LGBTQIA+ communities have taken it upon themselves to erase the community from media and advertising spaces. This space contributes to one of the biggest and fastest ways of reaching out to people. By rolling back the campaigns, these brands have placed an obstacle in the LGBTQIA+ movement, taking them a few steps back in their journey.

We agree with Outvertising and other media groups, that LGBTQIA+ brand campaigns are necessary for the community. Big brands instead of rolling back, should come forward and support the community. There are several reasons why brand campaigns are important and this fight is required- 

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  • Representation and Visibility

LGBTQIA+ inclusive brand campaigns play a pivotal role in increasing the representation and visibility of the community. By featuring diverse LGBTQIA+ individuals, these campaigns challenge societal stereotypes and provide a platform for the community to be seen, acknowledged, and valued. 

  • Support and Allyship 

Pride Month is a time when the LGBTQIA+ community seeks support and solidarity all the more. It is their time to shine. Inclusive brand campaigns foster a sense of belonging, acceptance, and appreciation, leading to increased customer loyalty and a positive brand reputation.

Support and Allyship through LGBTQIA+ brand campaigns
  • Social Responsibility 

Brands bear a social responsibility to promote equality and inclusion. LGBTQIA+ inclusive brand campaigns exemplify a commitment to these values. They play a role in breaking down discriminatory barriers and challenging prejudices.

  • Business Opportunity 

Pride Month presents a unique business opportunity for brands. By engaging in LGBTQIA+ inclusive brand campaigns, companies can tap into a market that values diversity and social responsibility.

  • Education and Awareness 

LGBTQIA+ inclusive brand campaigns serve as educational tools, raising awareness about LGBTQIA+ issues and promoting greater understanding. By sharing stories, experiences, and information, brands help debunk discrimination and educate the general population. 

Brand Allyship to LGBTQIA+

While many brands have taken down the LGBTQIA+ inclusive campaigns, there are still many brands who stood by the community like a rock. We would like to highlight the campaigns of 2 such brands-


Tinder, a popular dating app, has been known for its active support and engagement with the LGBTQIA+ community through various campaigns and initiatives. As of the few apps to expand their gender and sexualities, Tinder has always been a safe space for the community.

Tinder rolls out LGBTQIA+ brand campaigns for Pride month

For Pride 2023, Tinder introduced new profile stickers that allow people from the community and Allies to express themselves during Pride month. Even better, these stickers are designed by Tinder employees belonging to the community. Alongside, Tinder in partnership with Gaysi Family, will organise a 2-day festival, Queer Made Weekend in Delhi and Mumbai to support Queer made products and Queer run businesses. 


Skittles is one brand that has made the rainbow tasty and celebrates it all year round with its colourful candies. For Pride month exclusively, Skittles has introduced 5 unique packages. The packaging of these packages is inspired by the Pride flag.

Not only are the packs super adorable to look at but there is also an even better backstory to them. Each of these packs has been designed by different LGBTQIA+ artists. By offering a platform to these artists, Skittles has amplified their voices. The QR codes on the package will take you to the section where you can know more about the artist and their work. 

LGBTQIA+ inclusive brand campaigns are of paramount importance, particularly during Pride Month. They provide representation, support, and visibility to the LGBTQIA+ community, challenging stereotypes and promoting acceptance. Moreover, they serve as educational tools, fostering greater understanding and empathy. However, brands need to practise authenticity, long-term commitment, and genuine inclusivity beyond Pride Month and more profoundly during the month, to avoid tokenism or performative allyship.