The excitement surrounding Disney’s upcoming Snow White remake has taken an unexpected turn as actress Rachel Zegler faces backlash for her comments about the original film and the Disney princess in general. Resurfaced interview clips have ignited a passionate debate about the balance between staying true to the source material and modernising beloved classics. While some have supported Rachel Zegler calling this trolling extremely stupid, others believe her views on Snow White to be derogatory. 

A Tenuous Connection

In a December 2022 interview with Entertainment Weekly, Zegler candidly confessed that her connection with the original animated Snow White film was minimal at best. Admitting to having watched the movie only once and not enjoying it, her revelations struck a discordant note with fans who hold the 1937 classic close to their hearts and think highly of the Disney Princess. 

Modern Feminism and Traditional Narratives

Zegler’s interaction with the source material extends beyond a mere lack of affinity. In a September 2022 interview with Variety, she voiced reservations about the original film’s narrative structure, indicating a conflict between its traditional elements and her modern feminist viewpoints. Her resolve to infuse the character of Snow White with contemporary nuances, focusing on personal growth and leadership, stands in contrast to the conventional “damsel in distress” trope.


Zegler’s Unconventional Take on the Prince and Love

Zegler’s remarks during an interview with Extra TV took a sharper turn, as she characterised the prince in the original Snow White as a “stalker.” This observation reflected the changing societal norms and sensitivities since the film’s release over eight decades ago. Her intention was clear: to steer the remake away from antiquated concepts and offer a more intricate portrayal of character dynamics.

The Online Debate

The controversy surrounding Zegler’s remarks quickly found a platform on social media, particularly TikTok and Twitter.  While some users criticised Zegler for what they perceived as a lack of appreciation for a character with profound cultural significance, others defended her right to hold a unique perspective. This divide illuminated the broader conversation about embracing diverse viewpoints in a creative process that juggles nostalgia and innovation.

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A video, posted by a Tiktok user @nuttybutter96, called Zegler out for accepting the role despite her dislike for the Disney Princess. She said, “If you hate the original this much, why would you want to make the remake?”

But some fans have rushed to Zegler’s defence on social media. One Twitter user Lottie who goes by the handle @waitforme_II took to the platform to defend Zegler. 

A Classic Tale

Snow White, the quintessential Disney princess, has left an indelible mark on the world of animation. Originating from the Grimm Brothers’ fairy tale, her story has resonated across generations with its timeless charm and enduring themes of kindness. The narrative of a young princess, banished by her malevolent stepmother and ultimately saved by the kiss of true love, has solidified Snow White’s place in Disney’s rich classics.

Disney’s Dilemma

As Disney strives to contemporise its iconic tales, tensions between preserving tradition and embracing innovation inevitably arise. The Snow White controversy embodies this intricate dance, highlighting the challenge of honouring the past while responding to evolving sensibilities.

The Influence of Fan Culture in the Digital Age

In the era of social media, fan culture has gained unprecedented influence. Audiences now have the means to voice their opinions with greater immediacy, subjecting creative decisions to heightened scrutiny, especially those involving cherished properties.

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The Road Ahead 

As the Snow White live-action remake unfolds further, the conversation continues to evolve. Zegler’s portrayal undoubtedly promises a contemporary lens on the character, yet the controversy serves as a reminder that bridging the gap between tradition and novelty requires a delicate touch. Ultimately, the remake’s reception will gauge the success of Disney’s endeavour to weave the enduring magic of Snow White with the sensibilities of the present.