Varun Agrawal, also known as @settlesubtle on Instagram, is a fashion blogger, influencer, and content creator. His page covers everything within the men’s fashion umbrella, as well as how to make beverages. His ‘#IfYouAskV’ series features videos that answer a variety of ‘How To’ topics. To mention a few, how to avoid dark circles and how to care of your garments. He has also worked with fashion brands such as Amazon Fashion India, HM, Collective India, and others. He keeps track of everything, from essential clothes one should have in their closet to styling them and announcing sales, and informs his audience about that as well.

1. How about a Fashion Styling Game?

2. The Denim Detail

3. If You Ask V…

4. The Jack&Jones Sale

5. Hello (…Um) Summer Shirts

From transitions to the quality of his content, Varun Agrawal’s page offers timeless scrolling and learning. If you love what I showed and would like to know more, do not forget to check out his Instagram page by TAPPING HERE! And until my pen writes more for you, here’s another article based on menswear fashion for you. TAP HERE! Happy fashion reading, y’all!