Zayn Malik has joined hands with Pakistani band AUR for a breath-taking remix of their 2023 chart-topping single, ‘Tu Hai Kahan.‘ The revamped track, released on January 12, introduces additional Hindi-language vocals from Malik, injecting a fresh twist into the mesmerising single.

Zayn Malik and AUR for Tu Hai Kahan Remix

Gratitude for Collaboration

Expressing gratitude for the collaboration, Malik mentioned being incredibly humbled when the band approached him for the remix. He loves the original song and hopes that people appreciate the new elements they’ve added to it.

Original Success

The original version of Tu Hai Kahan had achieved significant success, accumulating hundreds of millions of streams and securing the No. 1 spot on Spotify in India, Pakistan, and the Global Viral charts.

The Remix Music Video

The remix is a brand-new music video that skillfully combines the footage of AUR in the studio with scenes of Malik recording his vocals independently in a sound booth. The video is a sneak peek into the creative process behind this collaborative effort.

Excitement from AUR

Group members Ahad, Usama, and Raffey expressed their excitement about the collaboration, emphasising the universal appeal of Zayn’s music. Alongside, they are also thrilled to take Pakistani music to a global audience where the world can experience their music.

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Collaborative Effort

The release marks a collaborative effort between US-based indie label D36 and Sony Music Entertainment, Middle East. This international collaboration showcases the unity in the music industry, breaking boundaries and fostering global connections.

Zayn Malik’s Recent Ventures

Notably, this remix represents Zayn’s first venture into new music since his standalone single, ‘Love Like This,’ released last summer. In terms of album, his most recent album, ‘Nobody Is Listening’ was released in 2021.

The collaboration between Zayn Malik and AUR on the Tu Hai Kahan remix signifies a fusion of talents, bringing together diverse musical backgrounds. As the release continues to gain attention, fans eagerly anticipate more boundary-breaking collaborations and innovative sounds from these artists in the future.