The Internet is a very intriguing place. From hilarious to legendary to mind-boggling, there’s a plethora of content for people to explore and consume. And when it comes to World Records, there are quite a few bizarre ones. Here’s one such unusual story. A kid in the US has actually broken the World Record for the “most Instagram likes on a comment in a post.

13-year-old Reed Harrington, just like any other kid, uses social media to create fun content and often takes part in ‘fitness challenges’. A quick look at the 7th grader’s Instagram account shows that he spends most days recording his challenge attempts like his squat series, mile runs, 1800 backflips, and more. But last month, something very unexpected happened. Reed posted a video addressing his followers, saying, “Okay, when I hit 200,000 followers, I’ll do whatever the top comment says on this video and post it.

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The reel above is the video in question. Reed obviously didn’t expect it to blow up to this extent and gain the response it did. People got to work in the comments section. Everyone dropped their suggestions for him with the hope of being the most-liked comment. But when an Instagram user called “fiven9nekid” responded to the video, that’s when this whole thing began.

His comment garnered the most number of likes that a comment has ever received on the Instagram app to date. The user asked Reed to fly to a small town in Thailand, train in Muay Thai, fight in a tournament, and come back and join the UFC. He further wants the kid to do an interview after all this saying that his comment was the reason he fought this hard.

Instagram most liked comment on a post fiven9nekid reed harrington

People’s Reaction

This seems like the plot of the next Karate Kid movie, doesn’t it? The internet just isn’t short of people posting unusual things. Whether people found the reply funny or whether they genuinely want to see Harrington take on the challenge, who knows – but the comment has amassed more than 2.3 million likes. Ever since this comment went viral, people have wanted to see the young man take this task up and succeed. His follower count has crossed 296,000 and he’s had plenty of messages of support. And the funny part is Reed didn’t even do anything substantial to break the record.

But such is the Internet. His page is filled with comments about this task and his going to Thailand. One user commented, “Bros about to take over Thailand,” another said “I have NEVER seen a comment get over 1 million likes. Enjoy Thailand.” Someone quipped, “Got your passport ready?” Reed’s post has even drawn support from other influencers like Kush Papi, who is a comedian, digital influencer, and musician from Chicago, Illinois with two million followers on the platform. He commented, “I’ll pay for the Thailand ticket.”

Following his virality, ESPN‘s SportsCenter reached out to him, seeking permission to use his reel on their page. Reed couldn’t believe it. He posted this conversation from his DM to his page saying, “No way.” Once SportsCenter uploaded his video on their Instagram, Harrington posted about it in disbelief once again. He also started a GoFundMe to gather funds to travel to Thailand – while keeping his promise.

In this day and age of social media, you never know what will go viral and when. Some for the good, some for the bad. This phenomenon can make or break a person’s content career. So you must tread carefully and have fun while at it.