India is a diverse land, with a plethora of cultures and traditions coexisting in harmony. One striking feature of our country is the distinguished variety of food that is found throughout the country. We Indians have skilfully attached these many food items to different festivals because it is food that adds a festive charm to the celebration. Navratri is no different. Many food items are made especially in this season, including the fasting delicacies as many people in the country pay their respects to the Goddess with a fast. Today, we spoke to Chef Abhinay Gupta, who shared insightful details that surely will make this festive period a gastronomical delight. 

Chef Abhinay Gupta shares tips for Navratri food

Chef Abhinay Gupta, popularly known by his Instagram handle ‘bhaiyajiletscook’ is somebody who loves to simplify complicated recipes and give them a modern twist. The delightful twist that he adds to his recipes simply makes them drool-worthy. Alongside this, Abhinay also tries to recreate popular packaged foods using minimum ingredients. Join Social Nation as we get some amazing festive food tips from the Chef.

SN: What is the one food item you love gorging on during this time? 

Abhinay: I love sabudana khichdi. Even after the Navratri period comes to an end, I have this almost once every week. 

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SN: As a chef and food content creator, what are the kinds of trends that you see people following when it comes to food during Navratri?

Abhinay: Common food trends are to make healthier fasting recipes and to help people with different choices that can be made during this fasting period.

SN: Navratri often involves fasting. What are some creative and satisfying fasting-friendly recipes you would recommend?

Abhinay: Make a sabudana Cheela. You could also pick any fast-friendly flour and can convert it into a  batter or tikki form. Then you add in a few ingredients and make it as you like it.

SN: Do you have any tips for individuals who may be trying their hand at Navratri cooking for the first time?

Abhinay: Purchase different flours and keep experimenting with them. 

SN: How do you strike a balance between keeping traditional flavours intact and adding a modern twist to Navratri dishes?

Abhinay: That’s a challenge for sure. Put some thought into choosing good quality ingredients and using the right method for cooking.

In India, every festival is an opportunity to revel in an array of delectable dishes and treats, each with its own unique story and flavour. The vibrant festival of Navratri also brings with it a range of dishes that you can gobble down. If you’re a newbie like us, follow Chef Abhinay Gupta’s pro tips to hit the bull’s eye this festive season.

Make delicious food this Navratri with Chef Abhinay Gupta

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Disclaimer: The responses may have been paraphrased for clarity.