As mentioned in WhatsApp Blog, WhatsApp Business over the years has grown globally. Irrespective of the business size, and the business type whether it’s a mom-and-pop or a fortune 500 company they all can rely on WhatsApp for that.

Similarly, WhatsApp has made it possible for loved ones to communicate freely irrespective of distance, so we want to make the challenges we all experience when talking to business a thing of the past. This results in no waiting or staying on hold, getting stuck on a broken website, or sending an email into a black box wondering if it will ever be read.

“Till date, we’ve helped millions of businesses to accomplish and do better with WhatsApp. And now moving ahead to take the next step is making WhatsApp available for every business that wants a fast, convenient and reliable way to communicate with their customers.”, as mentioned on WhatsApp Blog.

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Source: WhatsApp Blog

Opening WhatsApp to All Businesses and Developers with a New Cloud-based API

Today WhatsApp is taking a significant step in making it available for any kind of business and of any size across the world by offering free, secure cloud hosting services provided by Meta. With this new update of API, they will cut down the start-up time from months to minutes so businesses and developers can quickly and easily access our service, build directly on top of WhatsApp to further customize their experience and increase the speed at which they can respond to their customers. These services will also eliminate costly server expenses for our partners and give them instant access to new features. Businesses can sign up directly or work with one of our business solution providers to get started.

Source: WhatsApp Blog

New Features in the WhatsApp Business App for Fast-growing Businesses

Over the years we’ve noticed how small businesses that use WhatsApp will grow and now to support them more we bring additional tools. We expect some will want to use the Cloud-based API though many will continue to use the WhatsApp Business app. WhatsApp is also working on advanced features for these businesses to help them run their operations beyond just a few people and further amplify their brand online – like the ability to manage chats across up to 10 devices so they can better handle an influx of chats. Provide new customizable WhatsApp click-to-chat links to help businesses attract customers across their online presence. We plan to offer these as additional, optional features for a fee in the WhatsApp Business app as part of a new premium service.

With these new ways of supporting businesses, the values for person-to-business conversations still have not changed. People remain in control of the businesses they chat with and businesses cannot message people unless they have requested to be contacted.

WhatsApp has a hope that people will enjoy the ability to chat with more of their favorite businesses on WhatsApp and can’t wait to hear how new businesses get built, grow and thrive.