Naveen Singh who is popular as Bihari Ladka is a small packet big dhamaka, he is a multi-talented who excels as a YouTuber, comedian, singer, dancer, content creator, and social media influencer. You must’ve come across his short comedy videos on YouTube and Instagram featuring his grandmother.

The list of his talents doesn’t stop here he is also a very good Poet which he showcased in his initial days on youtube, he uploaded many poetry videos but after some time he decided to switch his content to comedy videos and that decision ended to be a positive turn in his life. He is a highly creative content creator and has skills that can instantly put a smile on anyone’s face.

He is known as one of the most genuine content creators for providing relatable content through his videos on Instagram and YouTube. This has resulted in successfully establishing himself as a social media celebrity.

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He is an inspiration for many not only on social media but also in real life and makes Bihar proud. Naveen gained fame not only because of his acting but of his kind nature in real life.

His journey began on social media with where he started creating ‘Dadi Pota Ki Jodi‘ videos with his grandmother which instantly caught everyone’s eye that led to him getting viral and everyone adored the duo. The turning point of his life, was when he shared a lipsync video on DOPE SHOPE song by Honey Singh with my Grandmother and that video got viral.

He gets a lot of appreciation from the digital world which helps Naveen significantly to gain more confidence and pushes him to improve his content. You’d often find him smiling and to break it to the world he has a million-dollar smile that people adore and love to the next level.

Many people share their love stories and heartbroken incidents with him and in return, he makes a video for them to show respect for his fans.

Naveen always plays an important role in creating awareness as he shares his light on sensitive topics such as discrimination, being aware of fake people around them, and many other social issues.