Meta, the parent company of popular social media platforms WhatsApp and Instagram, has rolled out an integrated safety campaign titled ‘Know What’s Real’. The initiative aims to raise awareness about the pressing issue of misinformation in the digital age and educate users on how to identify and address it effectively.

Meta Launches Know What's Real Campaign

WhatsApp’s Role in Fighting Misinformation

The campaign, spanning over eight weeks, focuses on leveraging the built-in safety features of WhatsApp. These include functionalities such as block and report, as well as forward labels, which empower users to recognise and halt the spread of misinformation. Moreover, the campaign encourages individuals to verify dubious information through reputable fact-checking organisations accessible via WhatsApp Channels.

Instagram’s Collaboration with Fact Checkers

On Instagram, Meta has teamed up with a network of fact-checkers to verify the accuracy of information shared on the platform. For instances where false content, such as deepfakes, is identified, warning labels are promptly applied to inform users of its inaccuracy. 

Additionally, the reach of labelled ‘False’ content is restricted to minimise its impact. Through this collaboration, Meta aims to discourage the sharing of inauthentic content and prompt users to report suspicious material to grievance officers or independent fact-checking partners for verification.

Commitment to Combat Misinformation

Shivnath Thukral, director of Public Policy India at Meta, emphasised the company’s dedication to combating misinformation online. Meta has invested in various initiatives, including establishing a robust network of independent fact-checkers and collaborating with the Misinformation Combat Alliance (MCA) to launch a WhatsApp tipline dedicated to curbing AI-generated misinformation. 

The ‘Know What’s Real’ campaign represents an extension of Meta’s ongoing efforts to prevent the spread of misinformation and serves as a practical safety guide for users to play their part in combating it.

Fact-Checking Program in India

Meta’s fact-checking program in India involves partnerships with 11 independent fact-checking organisations proficient in content verification across 15 Indian languages and English. These partnerships enable users to identify, review, and verify information, thereby contributing to the prevention of misinformation dissemination on Meta platforms.

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Recent Initiatives

In addition to the campaign launch, Meta announced the introduction of a dedicated fact-checking helpline on WhatsApp. This initiative aims to address AI-generated misinformation, particularly deepfakes, and connect users with verified and credible information sources. Furthermore, Meta supports the MCA’s efforts to establish a self-regulatory organisation (SRO) for third-party fact-checkers, demonstrating its commitment to collaborative approaches in combating misinformation.

Meta Launches Know What's Real Campaign to combat misinformation

In conclusion, Meta’s ‘Know What’s Real’ campaign underscores the importance of collective action in the fight against misinformation. By promoting digital best practices and leveraging technology, Meta endeavours to empower users to discern fact from fiction and contribute to a safer online environment.