If Reddit is a new platform for you. Here’s what you need to know about it and how the platform is updating itself.

Users can submit links, text entries, and photographs to multiple groups, known as subreddits, on Reddit, a social news and conversation website. There are many different themes covered by these subreddits, including news, sports, entertainment, technology, politics, and more. Users can upvote or downvote content and comments, which influences their visibility on the site and popularity. Additionally, Reddit is well-known for its AMAs (Ask Me Anything) sessions, in which well-known individuals, subject matter experts, and everyday users respond to inquiries from the public in a real-time Q&A style.

With the introduction of the new “Simple Create” option, Reddit hopes to make it simpler for businesses to run Reddit advertising.


A Reddit ad campaign may be created using Simple Create in three easy steps:

  • Add your originality- You can upload pictures or videos; posts with several pictures become carousels. Following that, you may add a CTA, input destination, and display URLs, and decide whether to allow comments or not.
  • Decide on your targeting- You can select “Broad” or “Custom” audience targeting, as well as the campaign’s start and finish dates, geographical information, and daily budget.
  • Choose a payment method – Your campaign is now live on Reddit after you’ve finished setting up your payment information.

It’s a simpler approach to get started with Reddit ads and could aid at the beginning of your platform-related research. Reddit now has over 57 million daily active users across more than 100,000 highly active groups.

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Prior to undertaking a big clean-out of its most contentious subreddits, which resulted in the deletion of thousands of communities and affected Reddit’s overall usage stats, the site had previously reported having over 430 million monthly active users.

Reddit has a low MAU of 430 million and a DAU of 57 million. In contrast, Snapchat has 750 million active monthly users and 375 million daily users. Even with 57 million active users, Reddit communities still have a sizable audience of devoted, engaged users who could make for good ad targeting, matching your promotions with particular topics and discussions. It may be worthwhile to investigate Reddit’s developing ad tools to see what outcomes you get.

More things about Simple Create

  • Uses the Traffic goal is Simple Create.
  • You’ll be paying per click for your advertisements, just as sophisticated campaigns that employ the traffic aim.
  • Feed placement is used by Simple Create.
  • Simple Create-built advertisements won’t appear in Conversation placements. Change to Advanced Create if you want your advertisement to display in chats.
  • Simple Create gives campaigns, ad groups, and advertising names instantly. You’ll notice a new campaign, ad group, and ad on the dashboard after publishing your ad and entering it. You will have the option to change the names at any point if you’d like; they will have been generated automatically.

There is a bidding approach used in campaigns created using Simple Create is to maximize clicks. An automatic bidding approach called “maximize clicks” modifies bids to assist you to get as many clicks as you can while staying within your budget and click-through rate. Reddit makes an effort to keep the average cost at or below your offer per click, but it can’t always be done.