Twitter has grown to be a crucial tool for connecting with audiences, sharing ideas, and promoting goods and services for both private individuals and businesses.

However, it has grown more difficult for users to distinguish between reliable sources on the platform due to the rise of fake news, misinformation, and online scams. In response to this growing concern, Twitter has announced an expansion of its verification program and other initiatives to improve the platform’s credibility.

Twitter 2.0 introduces new features that promise to improve the platform’s user experience and the caliber of the information provided there. The extension of Twitter’s verification program, which includes a new self-serve application process that makes it simpler for users to request verification, is the most noticeable development.

Understanding the changes in Twitter’s verification and credibility initiatives can help users achieve their goals and gain the trust of their audience, whether it’s an individual trying to develop their personal brand or a company trying to expand its online presence.

In this article, let us look at Twitter 2.0’s new features, how they can help users, and what and how can it increase your credibility there.

Twitter will start eliminating “Legacy” blue checkmarks next week

Get ready for the next phase of Twitter 2.0’s subscription revenue push, with the platform stating today that ‘legacy’ blue checkmarks would begin being canceled as of next week.

According to the tweet above, Twitter wants to encourage users to start paying for their blue ticks in order to increase the number of Twitter Blue and Verification for Business subscribers. Twitter’s also alerting blue tick account holders with this in-stream notification.

Though even then, Twitter’s experimenting with a new option that would enable subscribers to not show their blue tick, if they choose – because even Twitter is moving to acknowledge that it’s not the indicator of reputational or exclusivity that it once was.

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Twitter adds additional regions to “Verification for Organizations”

Twitter is moving forward with the introduction of its “Verification for Companies” product, which allows businesses to certify their staff profiles as affiliates and buy a gold checkmark for their primary account.

As part of a larger redesign of verification, which intends to both democratize access to checkmarks in the app and create a new revenue source for the company, Twitter originally put out the call for selected businesses to sign up for the program.

Twitter 2.0

Finally, Twitter’s extension of its verification program and other efforts to increase credibility represent a significant advancement in the platform’s development.

Twitter is definitely empowering its users to make more educated decisions about what they see and share on the network by giving them access to greater context and transparency about the accounts and content they encounter.

Twitter 2.0 is a step in the right direction toward giving all users a more dependable and trustworthy social media experience.