Social media virality is what gives birth to a trend. And the Internet is the most bizarre place. We’ve witnessed the craziest trends ranging from Binod to Barbenheimer. While the viral moments could originate from recent happenings in the world, but occasionally, there’s a resurgence of something from the past that just blows up on the internet. The current fad is that of Bhupendra Jogi. You will spot this name almost everywhere since memes and recreations of his iconic video are flooding social media. The amusing part is that the original video is about four years old but it has suddenly blown up on the internet.

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The OG Video

The viral video was originally captured during the Madhya Pradesh elections in 2018. A YouTube channel by the name “The Lallantop” posted this video wherein an interviewer from their team is seen asking people how they feel regarding the BJP’s claim that the roads of Madhya Pradesh are better than America’s. During the interaction, Bhupendra came ahead and praised the state’s roads saying they are definitely better than the US.

The interviewer then asked for his name to which he responded saying “Bhupendra Jogi.” Then he was asked the names of places he had visited in the US. His response was simple yet unforgettable. He answered ‘Bhupendra Jogi,’ yet again. And this marked the birth of an internet sensation. For years, the video remained relatively dormant and now suddenly came into the spotlight. Thus, Bhupendra Jogi became a household name due to his candid conversation with the Lallantop team.

His virality is based on his straightforward response and memorable introduction, which captured the hearts of people. Additionally, the absurdity of the situation featuring Bhupendra’s confidence has struck a chord with people yet again.

The Memes

As Bhupendra Jogi reclaims his viral fame, the internet’s creative minds are hard at work churning out memes and remixes of the original video. Some are humorous, some pay homage, and others add fresh, imaginative twists to the iconic clip. We spotted many epic and hilarious memes on X (formerly Twitter)

Saurabh Dwivedi and Aaditya Kulshreshth a.k.a. Kullu recreated the viral meme clip.

Another X user renamed popular destinations and monuments in the US using Bhupendra Jogi’s name.

Zaynul Jiwani created a song out of this meme while including a few other viral memes too like “Aayein.”

This hilarious video picks a scene from the super famous TV show ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma‘ where the popular character Daya brings up a certain ‘Bhupendra’ and that scene is followed by the viral clip.

This one is a funny take on the situation where students go for a viva and doesn’t necessarily know the answers to the questions being asked so they try to make up answers.

Consuming a trend for too long just ends up playing in your mind throughout the day, right? That’s what seems to happen in this clip where a man goes for a job interview and can’t help but answer every question with ‘Bhupendra Jogi.’

Probably one of the most absurd trends on the internet right now but the memes sure are funny, right? Even in life, just say Bhupendra Jogi and move on!