We consume a lot of digital content as a result of lockdown, which allows individuals to dive into the sea of creativity. Here’s an article about four very talented swimmers who not only survived but also made a name for themselves in the pool of influence. Swimmers are just beaming with the example of metaphor, isn’t it? Well, you’re welcome. Anyway, before I further digress from the topic, let’s talk about these four young-and-supremely-talented individuals, shall we?

1. Tarini Shah

This YouTuber named Tarini Shah has the happiest and smiliest faces of them all, and she is the sun to her viewers. She is a firm believer in having a good time and creating amazing material to go along with it. Her videos include fashion, vlogs, Q&As, and her recent Omegle series, which has been well received by her fans. It’s a given that you won’t be able to watch her content without smiling. With over 281K views, her most popular video is titled ‘Trying to dress up like different aesthetics’. If you’re having a bad day, let her raise your spirits with her content; I promise you won’t be disappointed.

2. Dev Raiyani

Our next YouTuber, Dev Raiyani, is a boy who ‘lives his life without hesitation’. He incorporates vlogs, Q&As, challenges, collaborations, and more into his content. He is a rising influencer with over 64K subscribers who is known for his exceptional content creation. ‘Truth or Spice’, his most popular YouTube video, was created in collaboration with Taneesha Mirwani, who we’ll discuss next. The video is essentially a Q&A challenge in which you must either answer the question truthfully or eat additional spicy chicken wings. He’s also done another video in the series with Agasthya Shah, who we’ll discuss later in this piece. So, tap and watch once my pen has written this article for you!

3. Taneesha Mirwani

The next YouTuber we’ll discuss is the girl who, with every video she uploads, brings back ‘Masti Majja scenes’: Taneesha Mirwani who is also known as ‘The Taneeshow’ on YouTube. She is an outspoken feminist, and we admire how openly she discusses her personal life. Her videos will provide you with not just entertainment but also insight into several themes that may be considered taboo. We adore her videos because she exudes confidence as a boss. Let’s get into her content right now, shall we? Her content consists of trivia questions, challenges, vlogs, and Q&As, among other things. ‘Asking my indian dad questions girls are too afraid to ask boys (or their dads)’ is her most popular video, with over 798K views, and features her father answering questions about intimacy, desire, masturbation, and more. One of the reasons this video has the most views on her channel is because of the open communication we see in it. She’s also done a video in this series with both of her parents, which is definitely worth watching. Let’s have a look, shall we?

4. Agashthya Shah

Last but not the least is a YouTuber who describes himself as “An 18 year old boy making crazy, dumb and entertaining videos”. Also, read, ‘Agasthya Shah Hits the Milestone of 100K Subscribers on YouTube’. This not-a-simp, gentleman-like guy makes videos on topics such as Q&As, vlogs, collaborations, and more. He further is known to make less than 30 seconds videos on YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels. His Shorts videos are generally based on observational comedy and his AG fam or Agasthians love him for the same. His content is lively, makes people laugh and he shows how grateful he is for his audience. His most watched video in collaboration with the three YouTubers mentioned above is titled, ‘Who’s Most Likely To? *EXPOSED*’. It has gained over 630K+ views where in this group talks answers the ‘Most likely to’ questions. His second most watched video titled, ‘REACTING TO MY SUBSCRIBERS DEEPEST DARKEST SECRETS!’ has over 518K+ views. Well, here are the links for you to watch them right away!

So, in addition to feeling like we haven’t accomplished enough in our life, I hope you enjoyed reading this article. So let’s go and consume content until my pen writes more for you, shall we?