The supernatural acting challenge is making people test out their acting skills like crazy. The audio of different characters is literally a whole new vibe. No wonder, it’s trending on Instagram. Creators have also pushed themselves a level up with styling and changing outfits at every turn.

Let’s take a look at some of the best reels on the supernatural acting challenge:

  1. Keke J.

This reel gained 9.9 million views and 898 K likes. 

  1. Laakshi Pathak

With her bluish hue, she received 452 K views and 56.2 K likes.

  1. Sakshi Sindwani

She gave a twist to the challenge by switching outfits for every character, and it was damn good. Her reel got 651 K views and 52, 4 K likes.

  1. Shivangi Dahiya 

Another one with outfit change along with the characters, and she definitely nailed it! Her video was watched 212 K times and received 10.5 K likes. 

  1. Aanchel Sargam Malakar

She looked so splendid in her all-black look. Her reel gained 762 views and 84 K likes. 

  1. Mellissa

Her acting skills gained her 37.4 K views and over 3 K likes. 

  1. Je’Nai Tai-Reyon

Acting out personalities after a breakup, her reel got 16.9 K likes and over 1 K likes.

So, these are some of the best reels with superb acting skills that can fascinate anyone. Go and support these creators in their journey of making content. Don’t forget to try out this challenge to test your skills.