Twitter in 2021 had launched Twitter Spaces, which is a new way to have live conversations. Spaces are a space where anyone can join, listen and speak. Live audio conversations are gaining popularity day by day and even more as you read this. Creators have found a new platform to gain an audience and connect with them on a personal front. Keeping all the trends in perspective Twitter has launched Ticketed Spaces which will allow you to:
🎟️ Monetize your audience
👥 Host a more intimate conversation
📣 Easily promote your Spaces

Twitter is where people go to have real conversations about what’s happening. It’s a place where people can express themselves authentically and share their unfiltered thoughts in the moment. We’re working on ways for people driving those conversations to earn money from audience support and engage their followers in a new way. You can apply to be one of the first to try Ticketed Spaces. Says Twitter on their website

With Ticketed Spaces, you can:
(Source: media.twitter)

Monetize your audience

Ticketed Spaces helps you create unique and exclusive live audio experiences in Twitter Spaces, ones your audience is willing to pay for. With Ticketed Spaces, you have flexibility in setting the ticket price, which can be as low as $1 and as high as $999.

Host a more intimate conversation

You now have the ability to set the size of your Ticketed Space, inviting 100 people, or just 5! Either way, you can now create deeper bonds with your followers in an intimate setting.

Easily promote your Spaces

You can now remind your attendees that your Space is happening with push and in-app notifications sent directly to their devices and share your Space details directly to your Home Timeline.

Twitter is looking for people to test this upcoming feature and help them to improve users’ experience before the public launch which will be likely in the coming months. For now, the applications are open only to people in the U.S. To apply to be part of the test groups, open Twitter and navigate to the sidebar, then tap Monetization to learn more and see if you’re eligible.