It is critical to conserve and safeguard the environment, and Birds of India, in cooperation with Dia Mirza and Vani Murthy, held an Instagram Live to discuss the topic on World Rainforest Day and World Environmental Month.

Talking about the live, when Dia asked an 18-year-old student and Birds of India account holder about generation restoration, Aman Sharma highlighted how each generation must come together in order to preserve Mother Earth. Throughout the live, they discussed how environmental protection and assisting in the repair of all the damage that we, as a species, have caused to the planet has become the necessity of the hour.

They went on to discuss their favourite birds, with Dia telling a storey about how a bright blue Kingfisher bird swooped across her house and shocked her. Dia sends these lovely bird images and becomes ecstatic when she sees one, said Aman. Dia related an event in which she was giving an online interview when she noticed a Coppersmith Barbet in her window. She was both preoccupied and mesmerised by seeing one, and the interviewer was perplexed as to what was going on.

Finally, Vani Murthy presented an inspiring experience about how she realised how important it is to actively participate in contributing to the ecosystem, and how everything our ancestors did in the past was sustainable, and all we need to do now is take a reverse gear. Using environmentally friendly products is not only cost effective, but it also contributes to a cleaner and more sustainable future for the environment and future generations. She also mentioned that she recommended her pals to leave the maggots untouched because they are an important element of the ecology and a high-protein source of food for the birds.

We are glad that this live was informative, fun and highly inspiring. We also hope that we get to witness such lives in the future. And, until I write more for you, don’t forget to do your bit towards nature and check out Vani’s, Aman’s and Dia’s Instagram profiles by tapping on their names! Here’s to a purer and cleaner environment!