Carpool Karaoke is a popular segment of The Late Late Show with James Corden, which started in 2015. The show’s concept is very simple, where James Corden drives around in a car with a celebrity guest while they sing, and have candid conversations. The show has been loved by the audience with billions of views to its credit.

After running for eight successful years with 1200 episodes, Carpool Karaoke aired its final episode on April 26, 2023. It has been tragic news to the fans as we will no longer be able to experience the raw signing and neither will we get to see icons of the music industry like Taylor Swift and Beyonce on the show. On the bright side, we have many episodes which we can re-watch a thousand times over because they are simply so good!

For Carpool Karaoke, life came full circle, with Adele appearing as a guest for the last-ever episode of the segment. The previous Adele and James Corden episode is one of the most loved episodes of Carpool Karaoke, so much so that it broke all previous records and has over Two hundred and sixty million views on YouTube. For the last episode, Adele picks James Corden and drives him to “work.”

James Corden Carpool Karaoke

 Not going to lie, even though the show is brilliant and has been with us for eight years now, some episodes are just made differently from the rest and earn the title of being the best. We list 5 of our most favourite Carpool Karaoke of all time, that stayed with us after all this time.

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For a reason, the Carpool Karaoke featuring Adele went viral and has over 260 million views on Youtube. The episode is a laughter riot with Adele being her nonchalant self. She sang some of her classics including “Someone Like You” on the show. Adele is also seen rapping to Nicki Minaj’s “Monster.” The last episode featuring Adele is a close second and the perfect way to end the great Carpool Karaoke. Both James and Adele have tears during the show and it is the emotional ending we all deserved.

Michelle Obama

Carpool Karaoke could not have gotten more high profile than this, with the First Lady of The United States of America, Michelle Obama riding the car with James Corden. This episode of the show is another hit that you absolutely cannot miss. As Mrs Obama gets all chatty with her stories about living in the White House, it only gets better. There’s a surprise in store in this episode where Missy Elliott joins them and sings her famous “Get Your Freak On”

Chris Martin

The Chris Martin episode is yet another favourite of ours from the Carpool Karaoke segment. James Corden picks Chris Martin to drop him off at the Super Bowl. Martin performs an impressive impression of Mick Jagger. He also corrects James Corden’s lyrics of “Viva La Vida.” The duo have time to pick some sugary lemonade from a kid’s stall on the side of the road and finally call it a day at a roadside motel. 


Another episode where the guest enjoy so much that it forces the audience to have fun too, is the Carpool Karaoke episode with Usher. Pretty much in the 13-minute ride, Usher is seen giggling and laughing and when he is not doing that he is singing his best musical renditions including “Yeah” and “Caught Up.” He also teaches James Corden some dance moves and then pushes a stranger’s broken-down car to help him with it.  


Eight years and 1200 shows later, James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke has given many unforgettable moments to its audience but the Corden prank texting Leonardo DiCaprio from JLO’s phone still tops the list. To the delight of the audience, Leonardo actually replies to the text. The episode is worth watching for this sequence alone but Lopez’s classics like “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” are added bonuses.

James Corden is definitely that hug of warmth, one can always go back and we shall continue to do the same. You can watch all the Carpool Karaoke Episodes on ‘The Late Late Show’s’ Youtube Channel.