When the planet started its detoxification trip last year, it seemed as though everybody had pressed the pause button. We were cooking, exploring new aspects of our creative personalities, learning soft skills, cleaning up, spending time with families, and learning to stay indoors. While the majority of the corporate industries were impacted, digital content and, as a result, social media networks grew and flourished like never before.


Reels and remix features were revealed by Instagram, and everyone tried their hand at it. While we saw many emerging artists, the content creators and influencers held the audiences’ hands and walked them through entertainment during a time of confusion and uncertainty. Trends like Dalgona Coffee gave us plenty to look forward to and left us smiling and happy. It created a culture, and the patterns are still present and consistent.

Trends like ‘Turning Dialogues into Inspirational Quotes’ gave us an insight into relationships, the most admired were those of Komal Pandey and Siddharth Batra, Sakshi Sindwani and her mother, Srishti Dixit and her mother, and so on; and ‘20 Photos and 2 Videos,’ which were not only used by influencers but also small businesses, to share behind-the-scenes, packaging, and goods, saw the light. Although the current trend, ‘Runaway Aurora’ excites me as it fascinates the eyes and shows us the intersection between elegant poses and sunsets which are extraordinary silhouettes in the dark as if they were painted on the canvas.

The filter and audio are both titled ‘Runaway Aurora’ and aren’t the videos full of grace. Especially the one on Radhika Madan’s profile (@radhikamadhan) where she plays with the elements and gives an aesthetic appealing to the reels. I’ve always enjoyed beautiful skies and sunsets, but the combination of the two is a visual feast for the eyes. You will find them by searching for #runawayaurora on Instagram. The audio has more than 1.2M posts, and the number is growing at a rapid pace.

Let’s embrace nature and darkness with our creative postures, shall we?