Jaspreet Singh’s YouTube video “Jokes and Behind the Scenes” was shot during his Punjab tour and released on July 5th. This video chronicles Jaspreet Singh’s life behind the stand-up comedy stage. Unlike any other video we’ve seen, this one includes footage in which he discusses how he handles performance pressure and more. The video had to be included in the article since it provided an honest glimpse into the life of a comedian outside of the stage. So, without further ado, let’s talk about the video.

This video, which features behind-the-scenes events and allows us to learn more about a comedian, is now trending on YouTube. The video starts with a few seconds of stand up performance till the power goes out, at which point Jaspreet explains that when there’s a show and the tickets have been sold, the audience has arrived, and the tech has been set up, we can feel like 90% of the job is done. However, that is only 10% of the total because the remainder is performance – based.

He walks us through his backstage bhangra, crowd photos, tech set-up check, and other activities. It’s a sneak peek into Jaspreet’s way of living, so to speak. And, without giving you any tea, I’ll leave the video instead for you to enjoy.

If this made you laugh and explore the behind-the-scenes life of a comedian, do not forget to show the video some love! And until my pen writes more for you, check out more performances by Jaspreet by TAPPING HERE! Happy binge-watching, y’all!