Cosplayer Hana Martin is quite a popular figure on Instagram due to her flash warning reels. That’s one unique piece of content that gained her 385K followers on the gram. She is also into makeup and anime. Well, now we know her craze for *flash warning* reels. She also owns a YouTube channel with 6.07K subscribers. 

Now, let’s go through Hana’s top 15 flash warning reels:

  1. Kakegurui Anime
  1. Light Yagami & Junko Enoshima
  1. Collab with Creators
  1. Midari Ikishima
  1. Zero Two
  1. Annie Leonhart & Runa Yomozuki 
  1. Kakegurui Anime
  1. Masha and the Bear
  1. Girls from ‘Attack on Titans’ 
  1. Circus Baby, Ballora, Funtime Freddy, Funtime Foxy, Lolbit, & Ennard
  1. Baka
  1. Nanno from ‘Girl from Nowhere’
  1. Collab with Fukuro a.k.a Tea
  1. Dementor
  1. Haikyuu

So, these are the fifteen best reels as per the number of views. It can be seen that netizens are fascinated with such genres, especially with anime mix. Hana is sharp enough to capture the minds and hearts of the audience with this tip.