Entertaining netizens with “HAHAkar ” videos, Shyam Sharma and Dhruv Shah are the creators of Funcho. They are also members of NOFILTR, an influencer group. As stated on Funcho’s YouTube channel with 2.07 million subscribers, “We at Funcho are here to entertain you guys with our FUNCHO WALA HUMOR. We upload videos on every Saturday with an intention of bringing smile on your face.” This brings us to their hilarious videos which have already crossed the million club. 

Here are Funcho’s top 10 entertaining and humorous YouTube videos in 2021:

1. If Ghosts had a School

2. Indians While Driving

3. Indians while playing Cards | Teen Patti 

4. Indian Jugaad Hacks 3

5. Foreigner vs Indian in Shopping Malls

6. If Petrol was a Person

7. Colleges After Reopening

8. Types of Music Listeners

9. When you have a DESI Roommate

10. Lockdown Dobaara

These are the top ten YouTube videos that have gained more than a million views, ranging from 2.7 million to 1.2 million views. You may also have noticed other known creators like Mansi Ugale and others, in these videos. Funcho’s videos are so funny that they are definitely worth mentioning. Re-watching it doesn’t even sound boring. Isn’t that right? On Instagram, they have already achieved 658K followers. Let’s encourage them more by bombarding them with a sudden increase of followers and comments. Ha-ha! That would be priceless!